Sailfish OS 3.0.1 e Ubuntu Touch OTA-7, where do we stand?

  • Sailfish OS 3.0.1 e Ubuntu Touch OTA-7 ⋆ a che punto siamo?
    A presentation of the evolution of the two OS in 2017 and 2018 (It's in Italian):

  • @libremax , this is great, thanks for sharing here!
    I set subtitles to English and it was quite good. This is a great quick history and status overview of both Sailfish and UBPorts.

  • awesome work, thank you!

  • I have seen the video several times.
    The author's thesis is that the two systems do not have native apps that can be substituted for those used by android.
    He is partly right and partly not.
    In an ideal world I hope that people can choose whether to buy a smartphone that is attentive to their privacy.
    Today, however, it is not entirely possible. Banking apps are only created for Android and IOS and this is a problem.
    I believe that the right word, to get to the ideal, is that of "Usability".
    I have installed UT in Tablet Bq and it is wonderful: today more than yesterday thanks to the work of the UBPorts Team. Unfortunately Anbox doesn't work as I hoped.
    I needed to change the Bq 4.5 smartphone and I opted for Sailfish because there was android support for a fee. This way the banking apps run.
    I strongly believe in the UT project and it is, in my opinion, the system that has more chances because it responds to two targets:

    • the possibility of using an open system (great for those who love linux)
    • the ease of use and the user friendly setting (excellent for those who are not interested in the linux philosophy but want a smartphone that allows privacy)

    I hope tomorrow that Anbox will be available, even for a fee, in the next UT updates.

  • @sergiot said in Sailfish OS 3.0.1 e Ubuntu Touch OTA-7, where do we stand?:

    Banking apps are only created for Android and IOS and this is a problem.

    That is not an issue for everyone.

    My bank has a website where you can access, and do all what you want, on your account.
    This website existed before andoïd "there is an app for that", and continue existing even if an app is now also aviable.
    This is an issue about banks forcing you to use apps, not a lack of banking app on uTouch (wich THEY don't provide).

    As i always said, no better app than a browser to access websites...

    Making mandatory an app for webbing is bulls*** from who makes it mandatory.

    Although i believe andbox could be a good feature, i hope tomorrow less organisations will make mandatory using their webapps when lot of powerfull browsers already exist from longer than smartphones.

  • Inglese: You are absolutely right. And I hope that one day no one will make a choice of this type mandatory. I also use the broswer to solve the problem, where it is possible. But that's not always possible. I wanted to point out that there is a usability problem. It is desirable that not only banks, but also companies that provide digital identity, provide apps for UT. For the moment, however, I believe that a well-optimized Anbox is the middle solution to bring those who have uncertainties closer to to more users.

    Italiano: Hai pienamente ragione. E spero che un domani nessuno renda obbligatoria una scelta di questo tipo. Anch'io uso il broswer per ovviare il problema, la dove è possibile. Ma non sempre è possibile. Volevo far notare che c'è un problema di usabilità. E' auspicabile che non solo le banche, ma anche le aziende che forniscono l'identità digitale, forniscano le app per UT. Per il momento però, credo che un Anbox ben ottimizzato sia la soluzione di mezzo per avvicinare al sistema operativo a più utenti.

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