Known, working bluetooth mice for convergence

  • I pulled a shot in the dark with my bluetooth mouse; it's a sturdy quality build, made in china, $10 on amazon, I didn't even notice that there is no brand name; But it simply doesn't show up on a bluetooth device scan; I've followed the discoverable mode procedure. I've seen other people struggle with bluetooth mice on linux in general, in other forum search results...

    Which brand is being used in that fancy convergence youtube video (haha)? Does anybody know of a bluetooth mouse that plays well with Ubuntu Touch?

  • @cjengle

    Pricy but works with pretty much anything Ubuntu (including UT):

  • All bluetooth mouse I tried worked on UT so far. Have you tried connecting you mouse in other devices (windows, android,etc)?

    I suggest you buy a multi-device mouse so you can also use it on your laptop/desktop. They have bluetooth and wireless dongle. Rapoo has cheap ones and work quite good albeit the button posotion to switch device is a bit bad. Logitech is a bettrr chocie but more expensive.

  • @joe I fixed your link to make it clearer and with no referrer 🙂

  • Thanks @joe ! @kugiigi , Initially I thought it was the elaborate windowed procedure, depicted in the instructions of this mouse, that was my barrier for pairing (and it's surprise, repeated referencing of Windows, many times over; The listing mentioned "android tablets"); But on inspection, what is happening should be feasible on UT. My current theory is that it is a wifi and bluetooth mouse, who's bluetooth has fizzled; It mentions a dongle without really referring to it (It refers to "pairing" as "using the dongle"), I don't think English was the first language of the packagers; and I think they may have been misled as to what they were repackaging. There was a mouse like this (wifi and bluetooth) on Walmart that has half positive, half horrendous, reviews.

    I can't test it on windows, but it does not work on Android or Ubuntu desktop. I think I am the victim of an illusion by misfortune; But I couldn't find any forum posts anywhere clarifying my situation, so I think this thread is worthwhile for that rare use case.

    I think I will trust you @kugiigi

  • @cjengle @kugiigi needs to update that profile, he has developed more apps ( Eusebio) and was the started of the keyboard customization fever, among other things 😃

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