Which device to buy

  • The latest would be the Fairphone 2 and you can still buy it new (rather costly just to try out UT...).
    But I agree it probably makes more sense to buy one of the other devices if you find them. Wired external display would be very nice IMHO and the FP2 doesn't have it.

  • For now I am not planning to use it as main device. I have an Xperia X with SailfishOS, which works quite well for me at the moment.

    At moment I want to test it when anbox is out. Maybe UT will be the OS for my next main device if Jolla abandons the X or it breaks.

  • OnePlus One has the advantage of strong custom Android support if you decide Ubuntu Touch isn't yet mature enough for your needs or is simply not to your tastes. The initial build list for LineageOS 16 indicates the OpO will be a supported devices on LOS 16 from Day 1 (whenever that release day arrives).

    The Nexus 5 has good developer support across the board, though a persistent bluetooth headset bug has kept it from getting official support on LOS 15 or (presumably) 16. Notably, it's among the best supported devices by PostmarketOS, who have it running on the mainline kernel and have most major features either working or close to working.

    I like these two devices because they have plenty of alternative options, but it doesn't hurt that they're both old enough to be inexpensive, to be easy to work on, and to have plenty of dirt-cheap parts on Ebay. Of my four OnePlus Ones and four (currently) Nexus 5s, 3 of the OpOs and at least 3 of the Nexus 5s were built by combining parts from various broken examples (my brother and I have combined to kill at least four Nexus 5s, hence why I qualify the number I have in hand now with the word "currently" 😂).

    I'd defer to someone with more experience to say if there are notably better performing devices than the OpO or the Nexus 5, but I'm content with these to start with. Both seem fast enough for the admittedly limited (thus far) use to which I've put them under UBPorts.

  • @trainailleur Thx for the input!

    If you have both devices. On which device UT works smoother from a user point of view. You can tell?

  • @makeixo said in Which device to buy:

    @trainailleur Thx for the input!

    If you have both devices. On which device UT works smoother from a user point of view. You can tell?

    Well, like I said, my use has thus far been very limited. The OnePlus seems to load applications a bit faster, and I suspect it's a bit faster across the board, but I've not noticed huge differences yet, and I doubt much difference shows up in the smoothness and responsiveness of the UI, which seems nice on both of them.

    There are probably a few platform-specific bugs for each. For instance, zoom is currently broken on the OnePlus One's camera.

  • @makeixo HI, I have an OPO and I had a N5, two great aspects, battery (better than N5) and the speed.
    In contrast, the screen the N5 is better, however, has less battery durance.

    I have also a M10, and I'm very happy with it's perfomance, works very well.

  • Thank you guys!

    I have an offer for an Opo in good condition for 80€.

    At the weekend I will try to get UT running. ✌

  • thumps up! for the quick and easy installation process


  • @makeixo Enjoy Ubuntu Touch on your OPO!!

  • 🎉 🎉 🎉

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