Ubuntu Touch is working poorly for me on my FP2

  • @ollehell I personally have no experience of FP2 and use a OPO on a daily basis. The battery on that with 4g on all day has gone from 100% to 67% in eleven hours. As for Morph I currently have 8 tabs open without issue so again cannot comment on your issue.
    Now the spontaneous reboot I had one today while using FluffyChat. Know idea why, so I'm keeping an eye on that. Think we need someone with direct FP2 knowledge to answer that.
    Maybe create a new post in Support on the FP2 battery issue and see if someone can help. It sounds like your phone thinks it's a Nexus 5 pre OTA-6 with that sort of battery drain on a couple of calls : )

    p.s Try changing update channels to dev for a couple of days and see if that helps. you can always go back to whatever after.

  • @advocatux My kernel is: 3.4.0-g340584c9a4f-dirty #1 SMP PREEMPT.

    Just because everyone is so positive, I will give a reinstall a go and later try out using the dev-channel for a while.

    But while we are at the subject, why not shed the Ubuntu past completely and start a rolling upgrade philosophy? Skip the OTA updates altogether!

  • @ollehell We are a small team, all changes must come slowly. Without much money and resources, the project is currently how it is. If you can contribute your time or donate money, it might change.

    As an example, I have a day job, and already during my day job, as well as at home until late night, I work for UT. Not to mention I have family and a baby son at home. We are all working hard what we can, but you cannot expect dramatic changes during the next months or years. Canonical had over 100 employees working on this full time!

  • I had UBports on my FP2 and my BQ Aquaris M10, but I need some apps that were in UT (diabetes app, Gimp and Libreoffice are only 3 examples), and disappeared in UBports (Libreoffice or Gimp are useless now in my BQ with Libertine). I know the OS is very good, awesome, but I can't use it daily. I want to reinstall it, I'll give it a try after OTA9. I know the great small team of developers is doing a fantastic work. I'll wait, and... I'll be back soon.

  • @llamasjm The problem is that many App developers have disappeared. The apps are not maintained and with the change to 16.04 many disappeared from the store. When we do not have the source code publicly available we also cannot change the necessary things.
    Android has a wider range of compatibility for older Apps. still, apps need maintenance and so its not always the best to have unmaintained apps continued in use. From that point of view it makes sense not to offer them if nobody takes care.

  • 9 of 10 android-apps (90% of all apps!) send everything what you do on your phone to more than 5 different companies. Every step. That is the basis that google can pay 1,000 programmers to develop android. No other system will ever be soo good. But who really wants to use such a system as your daily phone if you have to give up all of your data (which is used to do political influecences for paid money!)?

    If I look on my BQ E5 with UT the energy mgt is soo great that android is worther. Ok on the Nexus 5 it is the other way around, and also on FP2?

    No other mobile operating system is offering brand new updates for old hardware as ut is doing it. Have you ever thought about climate issues and what it has to do with mobile devices? Only buy 3 mobile devices in your whole life - which operating system you would choose than? IOS is on the guarenteed last place!

  • @mic_ Please keep the FUD out. No need to make such statements about competitors when you have no proof of it, and it has no relevance to making UT better.

  • What is FUD?

    I am sorry, but its very easy to find studies to underline that. I am not telling unpublished issues. But okay, I don't have to ;\

  • @Flohack thanks for clearing things out. I think it is cool that UT is still around after Canonical ditched it.

    I have reinstalled my phone now with 16.04/dev and things have improved. Battery life is much better and it is a bit more stable I would say. It must have been the anbox-kernel which made my life hard.

    I will file a few issues I have with Morph and have a look at the issues labeled :"good first issue".

    Thanks and keep up the good work!

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