How to increase cache partition on Meizu PRO 5 original Flyme

  • Re: How to increase cache partition ( or any partition ) on Ubuntu Touch phone? Question.

    I have 1year Meizu Pro5 orig Flyme G, after complication unrooted unlocked.
    The Ubuntu 15.04 (r3) installed in TWRP only from .zip file because cache for installing has only 495.9MB.

    original filesystem is now :
    Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
    tmpfs 1.8G 156.0K 1.8G 0% /dev
    tmpfs 1.8G 28.0K 1.8G 0% /tmp
    /dev/block/sda43 495.9M 432.0K 485.3M 0% /cache
    /dev/block/sda44 53.5G 209.0M 53.3G 0% /data
    /dev/block/sda41 2.4G 1.7G 720.4M 71% /system
    tmpfs 1.8G 156.0K 1.8G 0% /system/dev

    From discusion of mihael and Stefano is all understanding.

    But for me nonstandard Linux user - how get fdisk command for delete custom partition and create new custom 324MB partition.
    I have not on my phone -partition sda42. (which is custom partition?)
    Using fdisk without experience of android partitionig can be dangerous.

    Thank you for any answer.

  • Yes, this is the post:

    How can I help?

  • @mihael Thanks for answer. I was detailed read.
    This i can not use :
    fdisk: delete the 'custom' partition (partition 42 for my meizu pro 5)
    fdisk: create the 'custom' partition with a smaller size (I calculated: 512 - (700 - 512) = 512 - 188 = 324MB so that 188 would be available to add to the current size of the 'cache' partition)

    I am not standrad using fdisk in LInux - Android.

    How get syntax in fdisk for delete "custom" partition.
    What is "custom" partition in original Flyme partitions.

    Thank you

  • But up to that point did you follow each step? If yes, then inside fdisk type 'm' for help and it will show you what is the command for deleting a partition.

  • @mihael Yes, I was see in help the possibilities of fdisk.

    in this :

    original filesystem in PRO5 is now :
    Filesystem Size Used Available Use% Mounted on
    tmpfs 1.8G 156.0K 1.8G 0% /dev
    tmpfs 1.8G 28.0K 1.8G 0% /tmp
    /dev/block/sda43 495.9M 432.0K 485.3M 0% /cache
    /dev/block/sda44 53.5G 209.0M 53.3G 0% /data
    /dev/block/sda41 2.4G 1.7G 720.4M 71% /system
    tmpfs 1.8G 156.0K 1.8G 0% /system/dev

    is not sda42 - where is "custom" partition?

    Thank you

  • With sudo parted -l you can see what partitions you have...

  • @mihael in using : sudo adb shell (in pro5)
    parted -l (answer - not found)

  • @Martin111 you run adb shell in your computer, that gets you the device shell, and then you run that command @mihael has told you (sudo parted -l)

  • @advocatux in using : sudo adb shell (in pro5)
    sudo parted -l (answer - not found)

    I am usin Linux Mint - I hope this has no problem with linux synatax

  • @Martin111 no problem at all as long as you have adb tools installed in your computer

  • @advocatux how install complete adb on computer?

  • @Martin111 for Linux Mint I think the name of the packages are android-tools-adb and android-tools-fastboot. Install them as you usually do.

    Note: it's good to have both adb & fastboot tools if you're going to play with UT 🙂

  • @advocatux I was try upade and update all system and answer is the same.
    I was try it in twrp in terminal -sudo parted -l and parted -l .
    The same answer.
    I must go sleep. I will try discus tomorow. Tahnks for your time.

  • @Martin111 I've never experienced this. That's strange not to have partition 42.
    I would you advise, to go back and install 15.04 with ubuntu-device-flash tool.

    First go back to TWRP and wipe it all.
    Then install ubuntu-touch recovery with fastboot.
    Next step is to try to install 15.04 UT with ubuntu-device-flash tool (if you running Ubuntu or Ubuntu 16.04 based distro)
    Then after installing of 15.04, try again check if your partition 42 appeared.
    Take a shortcut and just try to reinstall the same image you are currently running with ubuntu-device-flash tool. It might fix the isue with part.42.

    if none of this helps, you'll probably need to go back to Android and start from there (wipe it clean ...)

    Someone with 64Gb Pro 5 could help with posting his/her Pro 5 partition table???

  • 10 days ago, I've used the steps given on to install Ubuntu Touch 16.04 on my newly bought second hand Meizu Pro 5 and after installation my partitians are:

    Number Start End Size File system Name Flags
    1 5243kB 1049kB private msftdata
    2 5243kB 5505kB 262kB proinfo msftdata
    3 5505kB 5767kB 262kB misc msftdata
    21 8389kB 12,6MB 4194kB param msftdata
    22 12,6MB 21,0MB 8389kB ext4 efs msftdata
    23 21,0MB 23,1MB 2097kB pnv msftdata
    24 23,1MB 27,3MB 4194kB ldfw msftdata
    25 27,3MB 31,5MB 4194kB dtb msftdata
    26 31,5MB 56,6MB 25,2MB bootimg msftdata
    27 56,6MB 90,2MB 33,6MB recovery msftdata
    28 90,2MB 124MB 33,6MB bootlogo msftdata
    29 124MB 145MB 21,0MB rstinfo msftdata
    30 145MB 166MB 21,0MB ext4 mnv msftdata
    31 166MB 187MB 21,0MB reserved1 msftdata
    32 187MB 208MB 21,0MB reserved2 msftdata
    33 208MB 229MB 21,0MB reserved3 msftdata
    41 268MB 6711MB 6442MB ext4 system msftdata
    42 6711MB 7248MB 537MB ext4 custom msftdata
    43 7248MB 9395MB 2148MB ext4 cache msftdata
    44 9395MB 62,5GB 53,1GB ext4 userdata msftdata

  • @druk13 nice guide, yeah, in German, but still. Hopefully that helps those guys that need to repartition theirs Pro 5.

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