WiFi password loss after each and every reboot on MEIZU Pro 5

  • @advocatux and @Stefano Good to hear it isn't bricked. I tried all sorts of other things but will now follow your advice and see what happens. It is such a good tablet, when it works.

    Edit: I have tried the SP Flash Tool but, although my computer 'sees' the tablet as an MT65xx Android phone, the flash tool doesn't seem able to communicate with it and eventually times out. I'll try looking for other forum posts on flash tool, or maybe I need to install some flavour of Ubuntu on my computer.

    @advocatux I'm using Debian 8. Will this work instead?

    sudo flashrom --server=https://system-image.ubports.com touch --device=cooler --channel=ubports-touch/16.04/stable --bootstrap

    In man flashrom I cannot see a --server option.

  • @gregb49 if you want to use "the SP Flash tool" method, please read http://docs.ubports.com/en/latest/userguide/install.html#install-on-legacy-android-devices very carefully

    If you get a time out, something is wrong. It could be even a bad USB cable or a bad USB port, try with another ones.

    Finally, nope, that flashrom method won't work 🙂

  • @advocatux Thanks. I have followed the steps in the docs very carefully and have tried other USB ports, but there are more for me to try. The step:
    9. Turn your device completely off, but do not connect it yet
    Puzzles me, as SP Flash Tool immediately reports -
    When I connect the bq 10 as in step 12
    If I cancel this and press on the Download button, I can leave SP Flash Tool running for 30 mins, but nothing appears to happen - no download, nothing.

    If I run the following (without SP Tool running), I get the following
    $ fastboot devices
    FA111208 fastboot

    So I assume that the computer is communicating when I have the bq 10 in fastboot mode.


    @gregb49 hmm that's the "old" modemmanager issue.

    Just remove that package in your Debian system, you can always re-install it again if / when you need it.

    This is an old BQ archived article talking about that issue https://web.archive.org/web/20180118130643/http://www.mibqyyo.com/en-articles/2015/09/16/ubuntu-android-installation-process-for-bq-aquaris-e4-5-and-e5/ is you want more info

  • @advocatux Thanks. At first I had no success. I restarted the udev service
    sudo service udev restart
    then checked that the cdc_acm kernel had not been removed
    lsmod | grep cdc_acm
    started the flash tool again
    sudo ./flash_tool.sh
    but got the same errors as before.
    Then I used a different USB port, and the flash_tool started downloading to the bq M10.
    I now have Ubuntu 15.04 OTA13 running. Maybe I'll stick at this level of success for a while, before I risk messing up the M10 yet again.

  • @gregb49 I know that feeling, I've been there too several times 😃

    Anyway, it shouldn't be any problem using the installer as usual now, and 16.04 is way better than the old Canonical's UT.

  • @advocatux I was tempted and tried, but neither UBports install nor the manual method would work for some reason in either debian 8 or Win 10. My debian 8, main computer will now not connect to the internet! You've got to laugh. Time to dwell 2 marching paces, or maybe a few days.

  • @gregb49 did you see in the installer log any error? Did you check that /etc/udev/rules.d/51-android.rules exists on your computer?

    Hmm I don't know what they did with those troubleshooting instructions, please see https://github.com/ubports/ubports-installer/commit/f1b6fbd95ae18a3e980d6c8f27cc697c27195d65#diff-04c6e90faac2675aa89e2176d2eec7d8L73 (and sorry for the format)

  • @advocatux I'm busy installing a new OS, after loosing network connections on the last one. I imagine that this has something to do with the instruction to uninstall modemmanager. When done, I'll check udev/rules.

    The UB Ports Installer was 'seeing' the bq M10, but when instructed to reboot to fastboot, I waited and waited but nothing happened. I restarted and repeated, with the same result.

    I had implemented 'Developer Mode' on the bq M10 but, interestingly, I was not asked for my passcode. I don't know if that meant that I was not actually in developer mode.

  • @gregb49 As far as I know you are not asked for the passcode when starting dev mode, but do need it to OK various operations done via the terminal.

  • Thanks @advocatux and @Lakotaubp. Using Ubuntu 19.04 and UB Ports Installer, I've been able to install 16.04 OTA9 on my bq M10 HD, at last.

    However, whereas using bq's Ubuntu 15.04 OTA5(?) allowed me to at least browse the internet, but little else, I now have the original problem back. The bq appears to connect to the WiFi but I cannot get a network connection, so no updates, no browser etc.

    I've tried 2 different WiFis and have performed a reset. (Settings Reset Erase and Reset all.) This has made no difference as neither WiFi will work. Although it says it has connected to my Bluetooth keyboard, it has not given a code to type and the keyboard isn't working with the bq10. It seems that the wifi and bluetooth issues are connected.

    Is there a WiFi/bluetooth I/O problem with the OTA 8 & 9 and the bq M10 HD? Is there anything else I can try?

    Edit. Reading wifi bqm10 it seems that this is an old, but unsolved, issue. However, I don't understand why wifi worked well for months then suddenly stopped. Only installing bq's original Ubuntu did I get it back, but that is such a limited OS.

    Edit 2: I can connect through a third modem, a mobile MiFi, so I'm up and running. Thanks for all your help.

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