Dialer app behavior

  • Hello,

    I'm often calling people that I don't intend to because of the behavior of the dialling button that I find illogic...

    When pressing the button without entering a number, you're currently calling the last number that you dialed but I would expect it to dial the last call in your history (either a call that you made, received or missed)... So I'd like to know what you think about it.

    Off topic, I'd like to praise all the people involved in UBPorts for their dedication. I've owned a MX4 ubuntu edition since the beginning of Ubuntu Touch and I'm really pleased to see the OS improve OTA after OTA. So cheers to everyone!

  • @punkette . I think it is correctly implemented. In case you made a call but the recipient was busy you can repeat calling this number without having to reenter it again.

  • @marlboro50 I agree with you but you do it often just after the first call and so it's usually the last call of your history. But I don't expect to call it again 2 days later if I've made no call since. Most of the time, when I got a notification of missed call, I'm just opening the dialer app and click on the dial button expecting it to call this one...
    I agree that I'm using it the wrong way, but I can't help me, I don't find it logic 😄

  • It happened to me few times too. Someone called me. I canceled the call, cause I wanted to call back (I had some free minutes). Opened phone app, tapped green call button, and it started to make a call to the person I called a day ago last time. For some reasons (intuition?) I expected that the last (incoming or outgoing) number would be called as default.

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