No more Telegram notifications

  • As for two days ago, I'm not receiving any more Telegram notifications.
    It was working fine in my Bq E5 with the uBports image and the new Telegram app from the OpenStore.
    I tried erasing the cache directory and restarting, but nothing.
    I then erased the .config and .cache directory, uninstalled and reinstalled, registered again my phone, and still nothing.
    It is strange, it started suddenly as I said two days ago but it was working perfectly until then.

  • More and more people see this issue it seems. Maybe already part of the notifications services is shutting down, we dont know. For the moment I can only say that it is not a problem of the App AFAIK.


  • @Flohack Yes, may be something is interrupted momentarily and then the device is not registered any more. Who knows...

  • I observe, that I have to re login to ubuntu one randomly. It says sth like: "If you want to get notifications, login to..."
    So @Flohack maybe you are right, they start shutting down notification service.

  • @Bastos That was one of the things I tried, going out and logging in to Ubuntu Touch.

  • @wgarcia
    I had the same issue.
    Log out and log back in to ubuntu one did not solve the issue however I manage to have notification working by registering (and activating) a new ubuntu one account.
    Hope this help, admittedly is more a band-aid solution since Canonical notification service is due to shut off very soon.

  • @MrHoliday Creating a new Ubuntu One and registering again with that account, has not work out for me. Still no notifications.

  • Dear All,

    can you please try to follow the more cumbersome but promising way described here:

    Basically involves to logout from Telegram on the phone and THEN delete Ubuntu One account. Maybe its the order of things, we dont know. Jus tin case someone wants to try...


  • @Flohack Looks like that without deleting the Ubuntu One account completely, that is not just logging out from the account at the phone, creating a new one and logging into it, without deleting the old one, it doesn't work. That's my case, I can't delete my Ubuntu One account and loose all my history in Launchpad and Ubuntu forums. I can create a new one for the sole purpose of the telegram notifications, but it seems that without deleting the old account, it doesn't work.

  • @wgarcia
    I know it might seems odd but do you run telegram in multiple UT devices?
    I have 2 and I never managed to have notification working on both simultaneously.
    Hopefully a more reliable notification system will be available in the forthcoming releases.

  • @MrHoliday No, I don't run it in multiple UT devices. I just run it in one UT device and I also read my Telegram account from different web browsers (desktop, laptop and tablet). It was actually working well, and it started to fail after 5 or 6 days that I flashed the uBports image (don't think has anything to do with that). I was receiving notifications with the Telegram app of OpenStore for two weeks without problems.

    It looks like there is something that gets unregistered in the Canonical push server, and then notifications stop.

  • @MrHoliday Well for UT only one device can register for push notifications I think, the other one will get overwritten in the push server probably...

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