oneplus one, deactivation of scopes

  • Hi all,
    first of all: a big thank you to all the people making it possible to use Linux on mobile devices.
    I bought a (used :)) oneplus one last week and put Ubuntu touch on it. Installation went fine, comming from Slackware and having worked with Ubuntu on desktop-systems, Ubuntu Touch made it very easy to me to do the things that had to be done. Unfortunately, there's one little thing, i'd like to change, but i don't find the place to do it: how can i deactivate the window for scopes? When i wipe from right to left, scopes is the only application, that's always shown running. In System->Background-> dash/not dash just changes the background of the scopes-window from white to black. Wiping from left to right to open the quicklauncher and touching the Ubuntu-icon has no effect. So i'm a little confused now: where can that scopes-window be deactivated/closed?

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    Seems you should read this
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  • @westricher The scopes cannot be closed, it has the Apps scopes is there which is necessary to open applications.
    This is the case for now until scopes are disabled/removed from the system.

    About the background, not sure if I understood your issue but there's a know issue where the background just turns black when changing the background of the dash after a clean install. Just change again it'll apply correctly.

  • Thank you for your replies.
    I see, it's not possible to close the scope-window. I ssh'ed into the phone and killed the process, but it restarted immediately. So i don't have to worry about a desktop-background 😉 .

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