• Is there a user manual for DEKKO 2 settings ?
    For me, the settings are done a little randomly/blindly even if it works properly.
    What are the best settings so as to receive mails the more quickly on the MUA DEKKO 2 (incoming server) ?

  • There should be a manual, at least for installation, configuration and troubleshooting (dekkod.conf file), but AFAIK there isn't any. Re/ your IMAP or POP3 parameters, they should match best what you server offers.


  • @guru Yes, i know for IMAP or POP3 parameters.
    Specifically my questions are about :

    IMAP IDLE : avtivate or not : what is the aim of this ?
    Refresh delay : what value to put : 5 or 10 or 50... What is the aim also ?
    Check throughout roaming useful ?

  • For IMAP IDLE see
    it depends on if your server supports this. I have it ON.

    The check, i.e. polling, interval I have on 5 minutes. Depends on how often you expect new mails.

    Check when roaming depends on your mobile data plan, if you want the polling too if you are for example, in other countries with more costs. I have it OFF.


  • @guru Ok. Thanks.

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