Ubuntu Touch Q&A 47 Saturday 6th of April at 19:00 UTC

  • Ubuntu Touch Q&A 47 is this Saturday the 6th of April at 19:00 UTC. Along with us giving you the latest updates and info we would also like your questions. Please post them below and we will do our very best to answer them live during the show.

    Youtube live link for Saturday: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aJWSE7acl-Q

    Please remember questions on porting to device **** or it's status, and questions on bugs will not be answered. Other than that it's over to you.

  • This post is deleted!

  • How do you squeeze a desktop OS into a phone? Especially ones with modest specs??

  • Always no news about librem 5 dev kit.
    KDE Plasma team has got it since several weeks.

    Is there a problem with Purism/UBports partnership ?

  • Do you think that a "Benevolent Dictator for Life" would be good for UBports?

  • Ubuntu Touch Install video 2018 has been viewed more than 120 K times.
    It's great but none replied to comments or questions and there is no link to ubports web site or forum...
    A new intall video (2019) with 0.2.2-beta may also interesting if there is visual changes.

    More generally, nobody manage UBports youtube channel to engage more people to try Ubuntu Touch.

    Don't you think there is a huge way to improvement in that matter ?
    (I am not candidate to those tasks; thanks 🙂 )

  • The eventual retirement of 2G / 3G in many markets will require many users to move to VoLTE for voice in the future. What is the state of VoLTE in Ubuntu Touch?

    (Unfortunately I cannot test to see myself, since my carrier currently only allows VoLTE to a whitelist of phones they have sold. I expect that to change in the future once they are LTE-only, due to regulations requiring voice access for unlocked phones.)

  • I am kind of curious about which desktop OSes the UBports core team members are using and why.

  • How far away are we from WebGL support in the browser?
    I have a burning desire to make games, please help me. 🚒

  • A heads-up that I've been dying to give, this Q&A will be heavily focused on the new Foundation. If you have questions about that we should be able to get them in, but the technical stuff will probably be saved until next time!

  • In what way will becoming a foundation effect the day to day running of ubports and more specifically, is becoming a foundation mostly to do with funding and all that pertains?

    Thanks. And well done to all involved. 😀

  • The foundation is wonderful news. If I remember correctly the foundation was not only to gain tax reduction for donations - a "Verein" would have been sufficient, but rather it was pursued to have a legal person/entity in order to enter legal contracts with partners.
    So: Are there any specific plans to use the foundation to enter cooperations? (I think the topic arose around the discussion about bq devices.)
    What will the cooperation change regarding the two employees of the project? Are the plans to employ more people for programming, coordinating etc. pp.?
    The foundation was established in Germany - does this change anything about the structure of the project? What will be the role of the members of the board of the foundation in the project?
    How will the setup of the foundation change the funding of the project?

    I believe this is a huge step for ubports! Congrats to the project and a huge applause to the driving forces of this success in the community.

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