Upload works or not ?

  • Please can you say me if UPLOAD works currently WITH UT PHONE on ubports forum and on Gitlab ? I make tests and it seems to be no for me on both with bq E5 HD and NEXUS 5 on OTA-8 stable or the last RC.
    So, IF it is no, is it a more (known) global problem ? Morph-browser ?

  • This post is deleted!

  • Are you talking about uploading images from the phone to the forum for example? I had some trouble with that today, but I think in my case the picture I tried to upload was to big. Normally it refuses the upload already. But it seems if your picture is close to the limit (of 2048kb(?)) your picture gets uploaded followed by a dumb error message with no information what went wrong... so check the size of your pictures just in case you're trying to upload them here.

  • @hummlbach
    Yes. Thanks.
    It's ok for Ubports forum. I must check again regarding Gitlab.

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