New badge for Yumi?

  • If the concern is a move away from Ubuntu branding, has anyone checked how broadly Ubuntu has trademarked human silhouettes seen from above with linked arms? A logo trademark search site I've used in the past didn't turn up any trademarked logos for Ubuntu, which I think says more about that search engine than it does about the state of IP protection of Ubuntu's logos. Even Ubuntu's website doesn't go into the specifics of what might have been trademarked in terms of what they call their "circle of friends" logo.

  • @elastic like these?:
    Test Logo.png

  • @trainailleur I don't think all kind of imaginable friend circle is trademarked. As their website says
    the Canonical’s Trademarks (registered in word and logo form) include:

    note how the edubuntu symbol is extremely similar to the ubuntu symbols and despite this they have to specify that it is also under trademark (so it is not covered by the ubuntu symbol trademark).
    all the more reason you shouldn't have problems if you don't have even a circle
    (plus we could consider our elements only collaborators and not friends 🀣 )

  • @Aury88 yes, definitely πŸ™‚

  • so probably this new badge will be a necessity for the stickers

  • sffsf.png
    This logo i try to made

  • @Louies said in New badge for Yumi?:

    This logo i try to made

    I like this one a lot.

    Beat regards,
    Steve Berson

  • @Louies very well the design, it's very modern
    , try to make the outer circle smaller.(orange)..... You will see well the change...


  • my first test with yumi:
    the my new logo proposal has the heads a little too big probably it is also an optic effect caused by the different design (the bodies are inside the circle, non on the perimeter, so the heads are more dominant) also maybe is better to enlarge the space between the various element to improve their resolution (so should keep in mind the screen resolution and our eyes angular resolution). the right yumi is with the modified badge symbol

  • do you know if, how and when a decision will be made on the badge?
    I would like to try make a sticker pack that uses it for OTA10

  • How does it look if the badge is removed altogether? Somehow I think that the mascot can stand on its own without the roundel, especially if you're concerned about trademark disputes.

  • @UniSuperBox a it look a little empty but can survive without it:


  • Personally, i think it just looks more complete with the badge(whatever that badge may be), feels a little too bare to me considering the overall image is somewhat scarce of features.

  • [small semi OT] I'm not so reassured after the @Flohack explanation in the Q&A 52 about that at the level of Telegram stickers for use in our groups, we are hardly likely to be sued. the stickers are not confined in a single telegram group (so there is not an "our groups" when we talk about telegram stickers) and I will not be able to tell or control what will happen after publishing them. also it is not only a problem about be sued... I (not ubport foundation) have to sign a "Trademark Licence Agreement for Ubuntu" knowing that I will infringe many points of that agreement if I put the circle of friend within the yumi stickers .
    so using their trademarked symbols against the agreement would put me (and not the ubports foundation) in an indefensible and irremediable position from now till the end of the trademark (or the end of telegram) and during all that time I've to hope no one of the future Canonical ADs or owners will intend to sue me.
    apart from the improbable (but still existing) sue problem, being a contributor in a free and open project (OpenStreetMap) of which use by third parties is frequently affected by attribution and license violations I'm personally against violate a licence agreement of an free and opensource project like ubuntu.[/small semi OT] so I will not publish/use anymore a yumi or Ubports logo with the circle of friend in it. it remains to understand if, how and when a decision will be made on the Yumi badge.

  • @Loops why not this:
    alt text
    probably too much political πŸ™ƒ πŸ––

  • @Aury88 haha just a bit πŸ˜› Make it orange and it's a win!

  • Aalso we could think to substitute the badge with something totally different. For example:


    this avoid the whole problem...all elements in the last three/four images in the right contain only and already trademarked by ubports elements so no trolled by lawyers and opportunists risks. so the secret and restricted poll can be avoided, but imho it should be a semi-official mascote so the ubports foundation should decide if this can be openly voted πŸ˜›

  • @Aury88 Hello, I think you should not complicate yourself too much, it is a hasty decision to choose a logo for Yumi, the bosses will be fighting with other problems and may not be able to discuss that,
    Take a circle in dark grey (from the Ubuntu touch color chart) put the two ears of Yumi on each side in the same color and in the center of the circle you put Ut, in white color.

    And you look great...

  • @Josele13 said in New badge for Yumi?:

    Take a circle in dark grey (from the Ubuntu touch color chart) put the two ears of Yumi on each side in the same color and in the center of the circle you put Ut, in white color.

    And you look great...

    was this solution voted ?

  • @Aury88 No, it's a suggestion of mine, but a vote would be good,


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