Bluetooth behaves funny

  • Hi community,

    I stumbled upon a problem. I purchased absolutely amazing bluetooth earphones.
    Only to find out that Nexus with UT installed will have hard time to channel phone calls through it. Music works just fine but when I tried to talk to somebody through the bluetooth mic he heard absolutely nothing. Dead. Interestingly, when I paired the earphones with my friend's iPhone and then tried to call him and speak to him through the mic my voice made it through as expected. I had a hurayyyy moment there. There's another but though, as soon as I switched the bluetooth off with the earphones and switched it back on same issue reoccurred. The other side couldn't hear me. Dead. I'm pretty disappointed that I can't use it reliably on UT phone. Like I said I can listen to music but I gotta make calls without using the earphones 'coz the other side won't probably hear me.

  • @marek_python Marek unfortunately you stepped into a known issue in UT: bluetooth doesn't seem to work reliably here for several reasons; you could find a couple of very long threads about this topic on the present Forum, to futher get acknoledged regarding the state of the art. The most important reason why bluetooth is not yet very reliable lies in that its implementation can change from vendor to vendor and chasing every single different equipment vendor is a loo large amount of work for such a small devs community like ours. Nevertheless the Community is aware of this lack of functionality and for sure will try to find a solution at it, whenever other most important priorities to be tackled (such as MIR/Unity 8 implementation) will be successfully implemented.

  • @matteo Thank you for your reply. I'm keeping the bluetooth earphones but will be getting normal earphones with 3.5mm jack so I can use it with the Nexus. I really dislike the idea of switching back to iPhone or Android just 'coz they have the bluetooth working without a hiccup. I wish the bluetooth would be on the table of core devs.

  • I wish the bluetooth would be on the table of core devs

    @marek_python it is but there's only a bunch of devs doing all the heavy lifting for UBports 🙂

  • I have so much respect for the core devs. I can see how much work they have done on the camera on Nexus. It is quite obvious that some of the manpower / brainpower is allocated on improving camera capabilities of the promoted devices.

    One of the things I appreciate the most about UT mobile OS is that it comes with CLI which enables me to connect to my Raspberry Pi wirelessly and control it. Not 100% sure if iPhones or Androids have an app for this but on UT it comes by default.

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