resetting Dekko2

  • I was tired of the ~400 MByte cache of Dekko2. I annoted all config values and removed:

    $ stop dekkod
    $ rm -rf .local/share/dekko2.dekkoproject/ .cache/dekko2.dekkoproject/

    Than I created my three accounts from scratch, always as IMAP accounts, which will ask as well for the SMTP values, the other way around as SMTP it is not working. After a short test I made a backup as:

    $ stop dekkod
    $ tar cfz dekko2-new.tar.gz .local/share/dekko2.dekkoproject/ .cache/dekko2.dekkoproject/ 

    and next time when I want to purge the cache it's enough to remove the above directories and unpack the tar backup.


  • Hehe, nice workaround... 🙂

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