Sync caldav calendar

  • hello, i added a generic caldav account in sysyem setting to sync with my posteo email/calendar; it appears to sync correctly, but i cant see any change on the calendar app, when i go to calendar settings i dont see caldav as a default calender option, only my previous gmail and personal.

    did i miss something?

    Also, is there a way to sync contacts?

  • Only officially supported contacts sync is with google contacts. However syncing via carddav is worked on. Calendar sync using caldav should work. Have you pressed the sync button in the calendar app? Make sure your don't have any other accounts with outdated credentials or something (as this may break sync for the other accounts too). I guess you have hit the sync button in the app.(?) Also be aware of this:

  • I also use caldav for syncing my posteo account. It's working without any problems. Can you choose the caldav-calendar manually?

  • I just got this working now, thanks for the responses. I reinstalled the calendar, deleted gmail and caldav account and started completely fresh and it synced up and now shows the caldav option in the calendar settings!

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