[solved using wifitransfert] MX4 backup before Update

  • Hi everyone.

    First of all, be cool with my english, i'm a froggy 😬
    Second : thanks a lot to all devs that keep this system alive and progressing, GAFAM stuff is really not mine...

    I have a MX4 with Ubuntu since this device was released with that os on stock.
    Last update i have is 15.04 (OTA-15) from canonical.
    I installed open-store since official store is deprecated, but now even that way, apps won't update, because my system's to old.

    I'd like to know if i can update with last ub port "on the air" by any way?
    Or, if i must use the flasher, what files i need to save in order to keep my datas (all of it)?


  • @Keneda The easiest way would be to use the UBports installer without the wipe option. Just make sure you copy all the files on mx4 first just in case. When you have done that run the installer and follow the on screen instructions and Do Not!! choose the wipe option and you should be ok. any issues just pop back here. Good luck.

  • @Lakotaubp


    Didn't know it was possible the "no wipe" option with the installer.

    What folder do i need to backup to save my data (contacts, sms/mms, etc) ? Is it all in home/phablet?

  • @Keneda yes its all there, but its cumbersome to copy that when the system is booted. You could rsync it to somewhere though.

    Better would be to boot into recovery and save /data/user-data and, if possible also /data/system-data. Those folders are only accessible in recovery. Users reported that they got issues with "adb pull" on system-data, this folder contains all settings that you have in system-settings, but are not critical. user-data is the important one

  • @Flohack

    OK, i'll see that, thanks ☺

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