Raspberry Pi 4 Model B

  • No @Pulsar33, we mortals are all stuck with the compositor error. also I can access only the first time to the session. it asks to set a name to the device but in the following boots, after login (with phablet or the chosen name is the same) it start a wrongly orientated login interface without keyboard recognition and the impossibility to use the virtual keyboard due to the compositor problem.... also I am not able to access the console mode 😖

  • Thank you for the answer
    Is your build the last successful one #44 created today ?
    I can't test it before a few days but I will asap

  • @Pulsar33 yes. the #44 have a working GUI (but still not the compositor).

  • Warning!: the last rootfs-rpi build (#51) has not the GUI.
    Here the cat /.cache/upstart/unity8.log pastebin

  • Hello,

    Things are moving on the raspberrypi.org forum. An Ubuntu sub-forum has been open in Operating System distributions / Other and an old thread about Unity has been updated. A few members are posting.


  • @Pulsar33 to me it seems more like throwing a stone in the pond and then shouting "there is movement !!" 😂
    but that was a right move...maybe someone from there can help us port UT on RPI.
    here the situation has stopped (not to say worsened since we lost the GUI operation ...and we don't know why 😖 )

  • This post is deleted!

  • I know this is about the Raspberry Pi 4 but if any of you, frustrated with the lack of progress, have a Raspberry Pi 3 you may want to try that as it is working reasonably well but with bugs that could do with some attention. Solving them should, in many cases, also help with the Pi 4 once the (compositor?) bug is fixed. Some of the existing UT apps have been recompiled for arm64 so we have working file manager and UT Tweak amongst others. The Telegram group has instructions to add Swap which makes life a lot easier.

  • @Mark Brian Douglas now has an experimental open store for multi arch which worked well for me on the Pi. The Telegram UBports Raspberry Pi group is a good place to follow progress.

  • @alan_g said in Raspberry Pi 4 Model B:

    I know that my colleagues at Canonical have yet to get graphics working on the Pi4 with Ubuntu Core (I think that's lack of time, not a technical issue)

    Update: I just read the phrase "note: this fixes mir-kiosk support !" on this snapcraft thread about the Pi4:


    That implies a kernel which works with Mir graphics and therefore can support Unity8.

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