Cannot use adb because of unauthorized device [worked around]

  • Hello

    I am trying to follow the anbox installation manual
    But cannot run adb shell:

    motofckr9k@MotoFckr9k-Tessa:~$ adb shell
    error: device unauthorized.
    This adb server's $ADB_VENDOR_KEYS is not set
    Try 'adb kill-server' if that seems wrong.
    Otherwise check for a confirmation dialog on your device.

    I tried:
    deleting the adbkey and on my host computer.
    restarting my host computer.
    restarting my ubuntu tablet after enabling development mode.

    Anyone got any idea how to troubleshoot, or maybe even fix this?

  • @MotoFckr9k Have you granted permission for adb on this device? Try
    adb devices
    and see if you get a pop up window asking you to grant permission or you can see your device in the list.

  • Yeah, a permission popup should appear depending on the device. The device will need to be unlocked for that to appear.

  • @Lakotaubp

    motofckr9k@MotoFckr9k-Tessa:~$ adb devices
    List of devices attached
    FC074240	unauthorized

    I don't get a popup.

  • @UniSuperBox When you say that the device needs to be unlocked: How do I do that?

  • @MotoFckr9k do you unlock your device by using a password? if you haven't already set a password to unlock the device from the security and privacy settings you could try and set a password, restart adb services and try again see what happens.

  • @UniSuperBox before that it needs to locked, so a password is required otherwise it'll not work?

  • @MotoFckr9k,

    When you say that the device needs to be unlocked: How do I do that?

    By unlocking the screen, so you're able to use apps.


    before that it needs to locked, so a password is required otherwise it'll not work?

    Correct. You can't turn on developer mode if you don't have a screen lock.

  • @UniSuperBox I have tried that. Being on the apps screen and leaving the screen on.

  • @MotoFckr9k Please check developer mode is switched on and you have a screen unlock password/pin set. Then try running in a terminal

    Sudo fastboot oem unlock

    Then try running adb devices again and keep an eye out for that popup thing.

    Edit: You could install UT TweakTool and check that MTP is on (menu settings, system) mind you it's always useful to have UT Tweak Tool installed.

  • @Lakotaubp Development mode is on and you can only turn it on when there is a pin set. (When I turn development mode on while the tablet is connected to the computer, I can hear the device disconnected/connected sound)

    I don't know how to run this fastboot command. The computer just says:

    motofckr9k@MotoFckr9k-Tessa:~$ sudo fastboot oem unlock
    < waiting for any device >

    That happens while being in the system recovery and while just having the normal system running.
    Running the command on the tablet itself does nothing since fastboot is not installed.

    UT TweakTool reports that MTP is on. MTP is also working for transfering files.

    EDIT: I also tried the remove USB-Troubleshooting privileges option.

  • @MotoFckr9k You have the M10 or nexus7 then? What pc/laptop do you have? Make sure you have adb and fastboot installed for whichever system it is( if window you need 15 second adb from xda developers)Then try again. Think I had an issue getting permission on an M10 using Ubuntu, needed to use Mint to get it to show.
    Use the forum Search function for adb M10/nexus7 issues. Something is vaguely familiar, will look myself but it will have to be tomorrow now. I'm done for today good luck catch up tomorrow.

  • @Lakotaubp
    After reading this thread, I tried reconnecting it a couple of times and tried different usb controllers.
    Interestingly, the tablet only connects to the on-board controllers. Not to one of the two pci-e usb controllers which I have installed (and use regularly).

    I am running Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon and a M10 HD.

    EDIT: As you and some other people on the forums had luck with trying different computers, I got the idea to try to hook the tablet up to my homeserver. And vio la. I got a popup asking if I want to allow usb debugging. The server is an old machine that only has usb 2.0 and runs debian stable.

  • @MotoFckr9k Ok it's late for me now so, all I can think of again is via the terminal update your system and install adb and fastboot (they are in the Ubuntu repositories, a web search will get you the exact commands you need I can never remember them). Then the

    Sudo fastboot OEM unlock

    Command should work then retry

    adb devices

    Your device should be listed. If it is adb is working and then you just need that permission box to grant permission. Trying different USB cables might also help (cables can be a right pain) and usb ports.
    That is it now. I am not checking again till tomorrow 😄honest🙃Good night will check in tomorrow.

  • Unlocking the bootloader is not necessary. No need to use fastboot oem unlock.

    The only thing I can think of with your Mint PC is to check what comes up in dmesg -w when you plug in the device. It's possible that it's complaining about the USB system.

  • Is indicator-display-service process running? It's what handles the request and should be popping up the notification to authorize the PC.

  • Also, the first two commands in that documentation should probably be changed to just adb reboot bootloader instead.

    If it's still not working, you can workaround the problem by manually rebooting the device and using the appropriate button combination for your device to get it to fastboot mode. Then you should be able to run the fastboot commands.

    For the rest, you can do it over ssh if you've enabled it, or directly on the device in terminal app. Just skip the adb parts, and run the commands that would be run within the adb shell session instead. Slightly easier if you have a bluetooth or USB OTG keyboard to type with, though.

  • Just a little update:
    dmesg -w output is:

    [ 5021.594797] usb 1-12: new high-speed USB device number 14 using xhci_hcd
    [ 5021.743209] usb 1-12: New USB device found, idVendor=2a47, idProduct=201d, bcdDevice=ff.ff
    [ 5021.743213] usb 1-12: New USB device strings: Mfr=2, Product=3, SerialNumber=4
    [ 5021.743216] usb 1-12: Product: Aquaris_M10_HD
    [ 5021.743219] usb 1-12: Manufacturer: Ubuntu
    [ 5021.743221] usb 1-12: SerialNumber: FC074240

    MTP works fine. I can transfer files no problem.
    On my old homeserver running debian buster, adb works (somewhat). I need to try plugging it in a couple of times sometimes. Similar to the installation trouble on the M10.

    Thought I'd leave this here for future reference. There is definetly something wrong with the M10 that causes these weird problems though. Thanksfully it has OTG, so I can hook my keyboard up to it.

    If a developer wants to maybe try finding out more about the issue, I am up for helping with testing/troubleshooting.

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