June 10, 2017 UBports Community Update

  • Haha, I switched the date and title! Maybe that makes it a little more readable in a huge list.

    That's right, it's time again for the next UBports Community Update! This will stream live this Saturday, June 10th, at 1800 UTC. That is converted to your local time on the Youtube event page.

    If you have any questions for us, please feel free to reply to this post with them! We try to answer as many as we can, or at least be honest if we can't.

  • What kind of tree are you?

  • Will we keep the name "UBPorts", and Ubuntuโ€‹ Touch? Or will we have UBPorts Touch? And the logo?

  • Will we have some kind of poll feature for question like changing name, next device to suport, next nice feature ...

  • Is their a way in convergence mode to "kill" the DE so I can get only the console, for "performence" reason, or it will "kill" the convergence?

  • @Aurze

    To be completely transparent with you, I don't think we will answer this question live. This is simply a use-case that we are not willing to support. You are free to try, but I don't think you'll get anywhere trying to do this.

  • Can you briefly list the tasks involved in maintaining a core app? What development environment can we set up and use to maintain a core app?

  • I think my question was not answered in the June 10 update, or did I miss the answer? I heard part of the update life and then the rest the next day.

  • @wgarcia Uh yes maybe we missed that, and I think its better handled in text anyway. Well basically if it is the usual click App, try to install the Ubuntu Touch SDK (@sverzegnassi can you tell us here if it would also be possible to use Qt Creator alone?). As for my Telegram App I maintain it with gedit mainly, and sometimes for mass changes I use also the SDK but it is buggy ๐Ÿ™‚

    You need basic skills in Git but we can help when it comes to more advanced topics like tracking an upstream branch, preparing proper PRs etc.

    In which core App you are interested?


  • @Flohack @wgarcia I guess Ubuntu SDK is highly recommended, since you can easily switch between build targets, automatically build .click packages and send/install/run them on the phone. That's all custom stuff that QtCreator does not include.

    You can probably even use QtCreator alone, but you have to install all the Ubuntu components by your own, and manually build armhf packages - maybe using some tool like Clickable.

    P.S. I don't know which bugs you've seen with USDK. Most of the times it just works. It's telegram-app that has its own non-standard way to build it ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Thanks @flohack and @sverzegnassi. For those interested, we have continued this discussion in an issue for the terminal app at github.

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