Which version of UT do I have?

  • Hi All,
    my wife got a new phone and handed me her Moto G 2014. What better to do than installing Ubuntu Touch on it.
    There are some rough edges. Some apps don't install, some are incompatible. I just wonder which version of UT I actually have on my phone. The about section in settings doesn't tell me anything about the version of the operating system. Update just looks forever without finding anything.

    Any hints where to look?

    Cheers, Christian

  • @zenfunk If you look in System Settings, About it will tell you there. Your device is a community device so please keep this in mind

    "The devices listed below are driven by community members. You can install and use Ubuntu Touch on these phones and tablets, but your experience might not always be perfect, and there is no guarantee that the device will be supported indefinitely."

    The above is copied from https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/

  • The "About" in the settings do not show a software version unfortunately.

    Ah, I see.

    Being a community (Walid?) supported device means e.g. no OTA updates.
    When would that be possible?
    I was under the impression that Halium provides the hardware abstraction layer and Ubuntu sits on top of that. So why are there still differences (Ubuntu- wise) between officially supported devices and community supported ones?
    Also, when would a community supported device qualify to become an officially supported one? Is that even possible?
    Do the officially supported phones use Halium also?

    Just curious...

    Ubuntu touch is an impressive piece of work. Hats off to all who contributed.

  • The Moto 2G (Titan) is supported by Walid.
    If you have the actual installation with Xenial (16.04) you can find the version under system settings > info. Today only channel devel exists, but there are nearly daily builds (OTA).
    Please check https://forum.xda-developers.com/moto-g-2014/development/experimental-ubuntu-touch-titan-t3608846

  • Ok, I open a new thread for my follow up questions. Thanks everyone for your answers.

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