Pure maps navigation port

  • Hi,

    Thanks, looks like I can join these via Matrix bridges. Let's see if someone will ping me over there.

    Corresponding issue has been opened in Pure Maps repo: https://github.com/rinigus/pure-maps/issues/294

  • @rinigus I will try to help you out to package it if none of the most experienced UBports developers will show up....only, this is my last week at work and after I'll have plenty of time next week to dedicate at this scope. I'm not a great developer but I know a little how to package things with clickable even if I didn't manage yet to download and include third party packages in the clickable package, up to now.
    Don't worry, somehow we will be your hands and your eyes, in order to have your great app set and working on this platform 😉

  • @matteo Great! Looking forward

  • @rinigus good morning, first of all congratulate you for the great work you have done to portar pure maps to this mobile operating system, tell you that a version has already been released having tested and works, but what does not work or not yet implemented are the maps offline.you know when they will be operational? will be the same as in sailfish?a greeting

  • @ricardo65: since offline service is provided by a different application, we are porting pure maps first and, I hope, OSM Scout Server next. as a result, same/similar functionality as on SFOS is expected in the end.

  • @rinigus said in Pure maps navigation port:

    @ricardo65: since offline service is provided by a different application, we are porting pure maps first and, I hope, OSM Scout Server next. as a result, same/similar functionality as on SFOS is expected in the end.

    Okay. Thank you very much.

  • @ricardo65 said in Pure maps navigation port:

    a version has already been released having tested and works

    This sounds great but I'm confused, are you saying a click package is available ? If so, where to find it? It's not in the OpenStore nor in the GitHub repo's Releases page. I'm really eager to test this!

    Thanks !

  • Wait a bit. we are fixing few last issues and getting ready for release

  • @rinigus
    Awesome, thanks !

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • released.

  • @rinigus works like a charm - thanks a lot for bringing this to UT looking forward to offline support
    I know I already asked this abouy the SFOS version a while ago, but will there be any chance you could add the possibility to use alternative vector maps like openandromaps for offline they provide all details I need for hikimg 😉

  • @elastic cheers!

    Re offline: we haven't started yet (except ironing out UBPorts part that will be used for osm scout server) and we may have some issues with UBPorts security model. Although, its early days and I hope all will work out just fine.

    Re additional style: as far as I remember I replied the same before - we have to make the similar style to get the same function. Assuming that they import data from OSM. So, style and import scripts will have to adjusted. Its not a trivial work, but doable and would be great to get help with these aspects of the work.

  • @rinigus
    Thanks! I installed it soon after your post, did have some difficulty to download it (maybe too many people trying to D/L at once 😄 ). As detailed in the OpenStore description, I'll make sure to register a MapBox API key before really starting using it. BTW I have not seen any such request for the desktop flatpak package?

    I really like Pure Maps' UI, it's very clean and intuitive and the maps are crisp.

  • Nexus 5 edge, I just get a black screen when I start the app 😞

    I don't know if there is any kind of logs that could help

  • @Aurze turns out rebooting the device fixed the issues. You can just ignore me.

  • Hi! good work indeed!! i like the success story of this port, could be an example to follow for other apps!

    only unexpected issue so far for me: I couldn't copypaste the map box key , which is kind of tricky considering the size of the key itself;)

  • Re issues with key pasting: turned out that UT doesn't support copy&paste in regular QQC2 text fields. The issue was solved by switching over to the text field provided by Ubuntu Components. This will be fine in the next release, so you may wait for that as well with the key, I think.

    Why not on Flathub: Number of users is expected to be smaller at Flathub. With Sailfish users, I observed that we were getting close to the limits - hence the request for them as well. As for UBPorts, the key is provided by the packager and he will monitor the situation. Note that it is shared commodity and it would help if the active users do register and use their own key. Note that the blessing for such registration has been given by Mapbox when I contacted them at the end of 2018.

    PS: If I start getting issues with larger user base on Flathub, the same note will be added there as well

  • @rinigus Thanks for taking the time to get this ported over rinigus! I didn't expect it to happen so fast! Thanks to Jonnius and others who assisted as well!

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