Tutanota Web app or webpage not working on Nexus 5 OTA 9

  • Is anybody else having problems accessing the tutanota website on the Nexus 5 under OTA 9? Neither the webapp nor the tutanota website seem to load. Also sometimes pages seem to load then disappear, this happens on some of my meetup.com pages I visit.

    Thanks in advance for any help.

  • Sorry @Snowy, it's working for me.
    N5 dev1089

  • @Snowy I think that kind of issue will be fixed in the next OTA. You can change your device to rc or devel channel now if you want to try the improvements, or if you want to stay on stable, you can wait just a few days because OTA-10 is very close to being delivered 🙂

  • I use it daily and I can connect and it works well, from the browser and from the web app, the only problem of webapp is downloading files, is on its way to being solved.


  • I notice on their web site that they have apps for iOS, Android and F-Droid. I've even got a version on my Ubuntu desktop... so perhaps they'll get around to making an app for us too.

  • Thanks for the replies. I think I'll just look into OTA 10 when it comes out. Maybe it's just a quirk of my particular installation?

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