Nexus 5 for install UBPorts

  • Colleagues, tell me, please!

    If I select a Nexus 5 phone to install UBPorts, what should I look for?
    Release time, unlock of some features, version of Аndroid?

    On the site, for most supported phones, warnings about unlocking are indicated, but for Nexus 4-5 - not.

    Please tell me what you need to pay attention to when choosing the phone instance, so that later do not have problems with the installation?

    Thank you in advance,

  • @ogogon As far as I am aware the most Nexus devices are unlocked anyway, but that is easy to do using adb and fastboot tools later. Other than that when you get one just update it to the latest version of Android for that device and tha'ts it the UBports installer does the rest.
    Obviously get as good a device as you can and that it was working correctly on Android e.g camera working. wifi, making calls etc. We also have a welcome and Install group to help you if needed

  • @ogogon hi, please take a look at this

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