Dropbox Problem

  • I have Dropbox installed on my BQ M10. Please can someone explain how to upload and download files between Dropbox and File Manager. Thanks

  • @dtarrant Unfortunately Dropbox compatibility is incomplete and a little bit clumsy with UT currently.
    In order to upload files - use the Dropbox webapp available on the Open Store at https://open-store.io/app/dropbox.dropbox
    After you have logged in - turn your UT device to landscape (which is the default of the M10) and on the upper right hand corner there will be two buttons - you can choose either "Upload files" or "Upload folder" - and this will bring you to a dialog box of apps to choose from - choose the "File Manager" - and browse to the files or folder you wish to upload.
    Unfortunately the Dropbox webapp currently in the Open Store seems to have downloads broken on it for the moment.
    So to download - use the Morph browser to go to dropbox.com - log in - and click on the "..." icon to the right of the filename that you wish to download - and choose the "Download" button. I made my own webapp that launches Dropbox in Morph so that I can access my downloads a little quicker - I will post that up in the Open Store soon.

    Unfortunately it is not possible to sync files to Dropbox with Ubuntu Touch currently. An excellent work around to this is to get a NextCloud account - either via setting up your own server or using a third party service like https://owncube.com (which has a free 5GB account option to get you started) - and then use the excellent UBsync app to sync the folders that you wish to this - https://open-store.io/app/ubsync
    Other apps that help with this for browsing and uploading/downloading files is Ghost Cloud - https://open-store.io/app/me.fredl.ghostcloud
    NextCloud webapp - https://open-store.io/app/nextcloud.mateosalta
    and OwnCube webapp - https://open-store.io/app/nextcloud.milkor

    I've found that changing to this alternative makes an excellent way of having the same automatic backups for things like photos and documents that I was used to having on Android via Dropbox.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • @TotalSonic Many thanks for that comprehensive reply Steve. I was simply trying to copy a file from my Ubuntu laptop to my tablet. Previously I've accomplished this using Bluetooth or Wifi File Transfer. That solution will suffice for now and avoid having to set up NextCloud on my other Ubuntu devices.

    Perhaps the solution you suggest is the way to go long term.

    Best regards,

    David Tarrant

  • Unfortunately UBsync is not working on my device: bq E5 Hd. It does not allow me to create an account.

  • @marlboro50 - can you instead create an account via System Settings "Accounts" and then open it in UBsync?

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • @TotalSonic
    It seems that I can't open an account there either. I click on the icon and it seems to be frozen. There might be a problem with my installation. I'm on the dev channel. Thank you for your interest.
    Regards Martin

  • @marlboro50 maybe you could switch to the stable channel, create the account, confirm that it works, and then switch back to the dev channel after?

  • @arubislander
    Yes, I had something similar in mind. There may be some corpse from an older installtion that prevents me from making any changes. I will look there first. Thank you.

  • @arubislander
    I now deleted all my old accounts by deleting the corresponding apps. I then checked the accounts folder, it was empty of all files. In the meantime I had received an update. After rebooting and after reinstalling my nextcloud app, I could manage my accounts again. All working now.
    Thank you once again for your assistance.

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