Is dual boot still possible?

  • Hi, I would like to have the dual boot option, is still a thing? It is possible with my phone, a oneplus one?

  • I don't think it has been a thing for quite some time unfortunately. I looked into it with my Nexus 5 and it was a no go.

  • Thank you, you're right, I just found this post, so for sure is not officially supported

  • Possible - yes, officially supported - no
    I think OPO has MultiROM support, if you know how to modify an APK, you can change the server to UBports instead of the old Canonical server.

    It's been working good on my Nexus 5. I currently have Android, SailfishOS and 3 UTs 😉
    But of course, do it at your own risk! 🙂

  • @kugiigi Just for information, what is the Sailfish version you were able to install now on the Nexus 5 ? How ? Is it fully compatible ? Magic Device Tools, who was an awesome and very practical tool also used to install UT, did this before.

  • @domubpkm I recently installed SFOS 3 but I think it's not the latest version available. It's easier to install because it's done via TWRP.

  • @kugiigi

    I'd love to have details about how to do that... or maybe you have an apk you would share?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @kugiigi ok thanks

  • @kugiigi Thank you, at the moment I haven't even understood how to install MultiROM and neither if this project is still alive. Probably I'll pass also if it is very intriguing...

  • @kugiigi Off topic, but I was interested in you saying " if you know how to modify an APK, you can change the server to UBports instead of the old Canonical server."
    Would that allow an old Ubuntu Touch device without working USB to be converted from Canonical to UBports?

  • @gaspe I think MultiROM's development has stopped as well but I believe it's still working n supported devices. It's quite easy to install. Root, TWRP, install app and you're good to go. If you really can't give up android and want to try UT then try your luck with it 🙂

  • @Giiba I honestly can't remember anymore how I did it before and I can't find the APK I used 😃

  • @halucigenia are you using MultiROM as well or just a regular UT install? If it's the latter, I think there's a command you can use to change the server and channel not sure the exact command though.

  • @halucigenia No, as given that the USB isn't working, you wouldn't be able to flash Android on it either, so the MultiROM hack would not be helpful (and flashing Android would replace the current UT install completely).

    With some manual hacking on the device itself, if you can SSH to it, though, it might be possible to do the switch to UBports images, directly.

    If USB is bad though, does the device still charge?

  • @kugiigi I wish that I could find that command!

  • @dobey I was thinking that an APK could be installed over a network?
    No SSH as I can't set that up without USB connection... can I?
    Device still charges but I cannot connect well enough to run the UBPorts installer.

  • @halucigenia APK can't be installed in UT. It's not Android, and that is an Android package.

    SSH can be enabled from terminal app, but you will have to get the public key from your PC onto the phone somehow, perhaps by sending yourself a message in telegram, or an e-mail if you access any mail service from your phone. android-gadget-service ssh enable to enable it, then you can ssh phablet@<phone_ip> from your PC using the IP your phone has on your WiFi, after you get your public key on the phone and added to /home/phablet/.ssh/authorized_keys.

  • @kugiigi Thank you again, actually I can't give up UT 🙂 but the camera works properly and is way better in android and it is an important thing. I prefer also the clock app in android especially because I can stop the alarm just shaking the phone, it's a small think that I really love 🙂

  • Banned

    I tried numerous combinations of acceptable kernels and roms no dice through multirom for ubuntu touch unless it can be installed manually and not through the app somehow. Once you have proper a multirom twrp, multirom zip, and kexechardboot accepted kernel it is still possible to multiboot any other roms aswell as sailfish os. The multirom app itself is the problem because it always says now "failed to get information about the updates". The only way it was possible was before was clicking the option to install ub through the app which no longer appears unfortunately. It would be great if someone could revive this or modify the app to work again. If anyone does still have it configured this way don't uninstall it or you'll be pretty bummed like I was when I went to install it again.

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