Calendar only syncs when re-adding Google accnt

  • Dear Friends,

    Over the past few weeks, my UT calender app fails to sync with my Google Calendar unless I first remove, then re-add my Google account to UT each day. Any idea why and how to fix it (besides dumping Google)?

    Thank you

  • @tubaclarinet
    it is the same on my device

  • @TischlerWilly
    I am on RC channel with the current update.
    but it was in the last RC update too

  • @tubaclarinet as I understood, this google problem should be fixed with ota-10. You can switch to RC to test it.

  • @TischlerWilly have you installed 2019-W33/2?

  • please read these comments re OTA-10 Thanks for your understanding.

    UniSuperBox about 2 hours ago

    Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 release candidates have been respun. Please update and continue testing as normal.

    The new release date for Ubuntu Touch OTA-10 is Wednesday, August 21.

    Our Google account key changes have been reverted. If you added your Google account with the old keys (W31 or older) it will start working again. If you added your Google account with the new keys (W32 or newer) you will need to go to the Calendar app and tap "Sync" to re-authorize your account. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  • @Lakotaubp
    thank you for the pointing to this announcement .
    Today I have updatet my phone again. I am on RC channel.
    The behavior is the same as before.
    I open the calebder app
    then I click the button on the top right.
    then I click on the button "synchronisieren”
    when I do so the first time after update I have to log into my Google acount again.
    but after that is no sync
    when I press the botton again to sync,
    it do not sync
    when I open the burger menu to see the sync button I see that he is a lot faster than normaly the sync takes time
    and there are no synced data

    a workaround is to go to system settings and delete the Google acount and than create it there again.
    then the message pop in the window that calendar is syncing
    then one sync is vallid,
    the next one field then again.

    there is to say that the sync of the adressbook works without any probkems on my phone

    I hope my report of testing helps the nice guys here to fix the calender

  • @TischlerWilly Yes the calendar can be the the main issue. I set up another OPO the other day on Edge channel. To get things working I swoped to dev channel ( As I know that was working) and like you deleted and re-enterd account details. Contacts synced straight away. Calendar took about 5-10 mins then I saw the little arrows appear in the top notification bar and all sorted. Both are on Edge now and syncing with google both ways. I also removed and readded my ubuntu one account to be extra sure but not sure if that is really necessary.

  • @TischlerWilly I have a similar behaviour with nextcloud...
    When I add my account it works fine one time, than later on the update is too fast and nothing is really updated.
    I found a workaround.
    My Nexcloud account was linked to two or more apps. Now I set an account for each app and it seems to work a lot better.

    Hope it can help.

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