Middle part of touchscreen is dead (maybe OTA-10 related)

  • Good evening,

    Last week I updated my BQ4.5 to OTA-10 and all worked well, update, reboot, everything looks fine. However a few days later the (horizontal) middle part of the screen, say 1/3 is not responding to touch anymore. This makes it very quirky to operate to phone, and what's worst, I cannot enter the SIM code anymore, since those controls are in the "dead" part of the screen.

    Maybe it's a coincidence, but it's weird that this happens after the update. OTOH after the update everything was OK for a short while. I tried renaming ~/.config to ~/.config.backup and reboot (to make sure it's not some custom setting messing things up) but that didn't help. BTW rebooting is done from the terminal since the reboot button is also in the dead zone.

    Two questions:

    • how can I unlock the SIM card another way? (some command in the terminal would be OK)
    • does anyone else have this issue?



  • The touch screen is handled solely by the kernel, and as such, we did not do any changes in the hardware part for this OTA. You can also see this from the changelog.
    I am afraid this is "just" a broken hardware. You might want to try to dry it with the rice method or heat in in an oven, maybe it became wet? Or clean it carefully with screen cleaner.
    But other than that, I dont think you can do much. sorry to say.

  • My bq E5 have a similar problem but it occurred few months ago. There's a horizontal line where touch won't work.
    Sadly, I believe your issue is hardware already. This might be a common aging issues with bq E4.5/E5 since I don't usually break my phones 😃

    Actually just recently it had a thin dead pixels so it's currently dusting in my drawer 😞

  • Thank you, @kugiigi @flohack . I was afraid it was something like that. Anyway, now I have a excuse for a new phone, I just ordered a secondhand oneplus one.

  • I have had the same issue with one of my E4.5 exactly a year ago: half of the scren went unresponsive. I pulled out the SIM and changed its PIN using another phone and so was able to unlock it. Later I configured another E4.5 to AP mode, the broken one brought up Wifi and I could SSH into it to make a final backup to its SSD. Then I sent it to BQ for repair for 120 euro, transport included. They swaped the screen and returned the broken screen as well.

  • @guru wow that's a lot of money, that costs more or less as my 2nd hand HTC 10
    things we do for the love of UT 😃

  • May be. But me and my family we run four devices BQ E4.5 (I in person since 2015 as my daily driver) and I do not like, from the management point of view (my other family members are not Unix experts) any exotic animal in my farm.

    Well, the first exotic is knocking doors scheduled for next months: a real OpenSource device: the L5.

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