Canadian English is lacking in that it erroneously seems to be US English

  • I initially loaded Ubuntu Touch on my Nexus 5 phone with Canadian English. But, I noticed that it renders everything as US English. So, I've now loaded my phone (Nexus 5) with UK English, which does work. Canadian English is closer to UK English, though there are a few differences. Anyway, I just thought I'd point out that the Canadian English option seems faulty -- or, at least, it isn't reflected in some of the central apps (like Contacts).

  • Hi @MarkG_108

    It sounds like you might be in an excellent position to help with translation, if you have the time!

  • The reason that US English is rendered is because is the default language (if something is not translated, it fallbacks to default).

    To have a fully Canadian English translations on the system you need to translate the core app and systems strings. This can be done here:

    Also, some of the projects doesn't have language started therefore, someone has to start those. All the main projects can be fonud here:

    So, looks like you can be busy helping the project: weeeee 🙂

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