What email service can you trust?

  • What email service do you guys use? Secure? I
    use Tutanota. Just wondering who to trust....

    I do have gmail. Still hanging on to it...

  • I did alot of research on this a while back and came to the conclusion that posteo was the best all around. All the others had something i didnt like such as no imap or unincrypted servers, or the ceo's were shady or servers being stored in large government data centers. Lavabit would be my choice when they release their email client with their new dime standard even though the servers are located in the us

  • +1 for posteo

    I do not use it myself and therefore can only mention it: mailbox.org might be another good option
    and then there´s the free options Autistici + RiseUp - from what I know they depend on donations

  • @Nathan123 hi, I've moved this thread to OT.

    About your question, my personal stance is 'don't trust anyone'. What I do is to use a mix of email services, depending on different needs but if you want a suggestion, take a look to https://runbox.com/

  • @advocatux Thanks! Yeah I'm with you on not trusting. People are so "corruptible", and cave in to pressure from various things.

    Yeah, Tutanota is German company....not sure what country is best. Might give your suggestion a shot.

  • @dieharddan Thanks! Posteo looks great! Didn't think about the calendar and stuff. Need 2 get off Google.

    You guys use Thunderbird or something as the interface??

  • @Nathan123
    I use Tunderbird as an interface on my laptop. I am used to it since long and never went searching for an alternative because it works pretty well for my needs and it can handle calendars and contacts as well. The syncing with posteo works well, the help-site of posteo provides good help.
    I did not update my ubports to OTA 10 yet, but my last best knowledge is that syncing of contacts via carddav (the standard that posteo provides) requires some coding, the UBports-forum will help you with that. But from what I know syncing with carddav is not supported ootb yet - that might have changed with ota 10.
    ironically googlemail seems to be integrated rather well with UBports 😉

  • @advocatux i thought runbox was great and i setup a trial account but found that their servers are unincrypted. I didnt care for that.

  • @Nathan123 i just use dekko 2. Calandar works but contacts dont in UT as mentioned.

  • +1 posteo... 12 Euros in a year isn't a lot.

  • I'm using mailbox.org - the office and encryption features are awesome plus it provides cloud storage that can be synced with open exchange - pitty there is no OX client for UT though - you still have to trust them of course ...

  • I guess the ideal scenario would be to have email on a personal server...

    I know there are tutorials on how to do that - and I was keen to try, but people who have done it warned me off.

    My hope is that Nextcloud will make an app to make that easy to achieve.

  • To have your own personal server is great but many mails send from it will be reject frow other servers as your server will not be considered as trusted one. Be aware of this.

  • I don't think my trust issues are as deep as yours but here is what i use;
    purism librem mail for general purposes,
    protonmail for my academic mail traffics, and finally
    tutanota for my social mails and contacts(i dig its calender).

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