Need your opinion about ubport

  • Thank you @matteo , this is a Nexus 7 tablet (not phone), I am on :

    - Ubuntu Touch 16.04 LTS armhf (20190815) 
    - Stable channel
    - OTA-10

    Do you think I can change channel update from Settings or should I re-install everything from scratch ? Thank you

  • @prog-amateur ok it is actually the Nexus 7 you were talking about, I was confused by the side talk related to the Pro5.
    Yes, indeed, you can change channel from Settings, it is very straightforward and fast to do so.

  • @prog-amateur does it also happen with other wifi spots?

  • @doniks
    Hi, I have a similar problem with wifi (I guess).
    In my case, I registered on my wifi network and it works fine.
    But sometimes it's like the connection is broken and I have to force re-connection to my network, e.g. drop-down menu and tap on my wifi network.
    The auto connection seems off.

    Some other time, I'm just loosing wifi (weak signal or something like that) and the connection dialog pops up.
    In that case, the best course of action is to cancel, open the network menu and tap on my wifi network.

    Most of the time forcing to reconnect to my wifi is enough, but from time to time I have to go airplane mode then disable it after few seconds.

    I hope it could help @prog-amateur with a possible workaround.

  • @matteo than you, in the case I have no other possibility, I would try the other channels.

    @AppLee thank you for your trick, sadly, it does not work in my case.

    @doniks I have tried with my wifi-hotspot from smartphone, and it works fine. Therefore, only my home network doesn't work. It is very strange (I am sure there is no ID/Password issue).

    What I would like to add is that my home network is the one I have used to connect during first start setup after installing Ubuntu Touch. Do you think the bug is related to that ?

    Thank you very much !

  • @arubislander, Hello! I am happy to use ubports on my Meizu pro5, now I am on OTA-11, but I am forced update my device only with TWRP. Last Ubports-installer cant updated firmware (after pushing ota in to device I see white screen and "ask support"). How you update your Meizu pro5? Maybe needs wipe device?

  • @vokaliz
    My Meizu Pro5 is currently on the Release Candidate channel ( I let I on there since the last call for testing). And I have never had any issue receiving updates through it.

    Do you currently have TWRP recovery installed? In that case you will always have to apply the updates manually.

  • @arubislander, Before release of the OTA-11 firmware, I updated through TRWP, but I took the firmware from ubports-installer. I have a fully unlocked Meizu pro 5 from the factory (powered by ubuntu). Now I can not extract the updated firmware from the installer, is there a link to the server where OTA (8 files) for Meizu pro 5 (16.04 turbo stable) is uploaded?

  • @vokaliz Does updating via the System Settings not work?

  • @arubislander, All update options (system update and ubports-installer) are interrupted at the firmware installation stage (ubuntu touch logo and line installation indicator), except one-manual installation via TWRP. To update the device I have to download separately the firmware and run the installer in TWRP environment. Is there a link to new releases of updated ubports firmware where I could download it and install manually?

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