Ubuntu Touch On OnePlus 3 From Marius

  • That looks awesome. Thank you very much @VFranchomme. Is there a way how we can test this out? #askingforafriend

  • When I look at the list of ports I'm wondering if it makes sense that so many people start their own port an abandon it later.

    Up to today the only working ports are still the ones for the Nexus5 and Opo and even the Opo port isnt working as smooth as it could be - I imagine - when I compare it how smooth it works with Android.

    Wouldnt it be better if some dev get together an try to agree on one or two devices or at least devices with similar hardware? It seems to me a little bit of a waste of time when that many ports never get "finished".

  • @makeixo - the issues to date are that there have been major barriers towards getting audio, calls and camera working on the more recent devices that ports are being worked on for using the Halium tools. Halium is being used because it is a larger project being worked on by many developers for not only Ubuntu Touch, but also other alternative mobile OS's like Plasma Mobile and Postmarket OS. There has been recent breakthroughs fixing some of the problems that have led to ports not being able to be completed - things are looking much better for at least one to three new devices being supported by early 2020 - OnePlus 3, Sony Xperia X, Samsung Note 4 all being possibly included in this list - although until a port is completed that is not a guarantee, nor is the timeline guaranteed either.

    Best regards,
    Steve Berson

  • @makeixo If you can get devs together to do that then sure, but the people porting these devices are volunteers, they're using phones they bought themselves, and phones they want to see Ubuntu Touch on.

    People have busy lives, it only takes a new relationship, a change in job, or a new family member, for volunteering to become something they cant do, or have to strip back a lot.

    Then there's also the fact that if we all came to a decision on what phone we should port to (Which is unlikely, because everyone has a different favorite device), then the volunteers would have to go out of there way to purchase said device, which may not be viable for many people.

    Even with that considered, the community will also want a say, and people might want Ubuntu Touch to be ported to the OnePlus 7 Pro, or the Samsung galaxy 10 note, both which cant be ported to yet, because Halium doesn't support android 8/9 (not sure about android 7), but they might want Ubuntu touch ported to those devices, because they're high end, top of the line, phones, which ubuntu touch will fly on, and will be great convergence devices.

    However, the community might also say that they want Ubuntu Touch ported to a wileyfox phone, or a cheaper huawei because the cheaper a device is, the easier it is for someone to purchase said devices.

    Everyone is different, and everyone prefers different devices, for different reasons, and sometimes things will get started, and not finished, and thats just life, especially when you're dealing with volunteers.

  • @PhoenixLandPirat
    This is why I think it's so positive that this community is coalescing around the PinePhone quite so much.

  • @PhoenixLandPirat: I dont know why some in the linux universe are always so thin-skinned.

    I do know that people have jobs. I do know that they are volunteers. Moreover this wasnt
    criticism. I just have noticed that many ports were started but not one has been completed in the last years.

    Thats just a fact. And that people start a port and spent - maybe a lot - time on it and it never gets "finished" is just a fact too.
    Thats not criticism. Every person can do with its time, what he wants to, but I think it is just a little bit sad if you have 40 ongoing ports and not one got finished.

  • @3arn0wl I am hoping for the pinephone as well. It seems to me that this device could be quite successful.

  • @TotalSonic thx for clarifying that. I hope you are right.

  • @makeixo
    Stating fact is not the problem here. We are all aware of what could be better.

    You came here and wrote this and this. What people trying to actually DO something hear is:
    I don't understand why such basic think is not done yet.

    Even if you came just asking question this is not the way to do it.
    In community like this one, what is appreciated is:

    • Being thankful for the job already done
    • People who want to contribute by trying/doing

    Stating the obvious doesn't help anyone.
    Criticism is not banished. But it should be a productive one.

    When you see something that doesn't work the way you want, you can come here and ask what can I do.
    Personally I use UT for 2 years now on my daily driver (a Nexus 5). There are some issue, battery leaks, ... but I'm glad to have an alternative to Android which drove me crazy years ago.

    I couldn't control my domotic, so I created an app. Some people use it and I'm glad I'm able to give a little back to the community.

    This message is not condescending, I expect it to be something that will help you (and others) understand the philosophy of open source communities. Do not simply come and ask ; come and ask what you can do to help.
    Everyone is welcome to contribute with what they can offer.

    Nice opportunity for me to say a big thanks to every contributor. I'm a happy user of UBPorts !

  • @makeixo But they might get finished soon! Main hurdles are over. Wait for Xperia X, maybe Oneplus 3... I know, it'a being long time, but all we need ia patience. Maybe you could help someone porting device you also own ? ( even testing the functionality of the port)

  • @Stefano I hope that. It would be a reward as well for the hard work they have done and the time they have invested.

    I think the Xperia X port is worked on more than a year now. Thats quite a lot of time he put in it I imagine.

    I learn python at the moment. Maybe a can participate with some apps someday.

  • I for one am really pleased to see so much progress on not only new ports but existing core devices. when I think back to how they used to be and look at what my OPO is like now I am really pleased.

    Starting more ports increases knowledge and builds skills in our community.

    With phones like the Pinephone etc on their way this will really help. As for the OnePlus 3 I saw the videos and thought wow!

  • @makeixo I dont know where you're getting "thin skinned" from, I'm just stating facts.

    We like criticism, criticism is welcome here, as it should be with all projects, as long as its constructive, and done in a polite manner, constructive criticism is ultimately good.

    What happened was that you suggested something, that being that the community should collectively choose one or two device's to work on, and I replied with reasons that that wouldn't happen.

    In rare cases we might get a pinephone, but that's the exception to the rule, because the stars aligned.

  • @3arn0wl @andybleaden
    The pinephone is very exciting in deed! I can't wait to actually try it out, its cheep enough for most people that they can grab one without worrying to much about their bottom line, as well which is great!

    @andybleaden @Stefano
    The OP3 port is looking amazing, cant wait to see it in the official installer, for anyone with a OP3 to easily install.
    I think the OP5 is gonna be worked on after that, but I'm not sure since it's Vince's main device atm, and I believe that Treble is still an issue.

    I'm a big fan of the OnePlus devices personally, and the more OnePlus devices with an ubuntu port, the better, I hope that Halium gets support for newer versions of android, so we can get a convergence OnePlus device with MHL out, but thats a distant future it seems.

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