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  • This post is deleted!

  • app will not work onaquaris tablet pls advise this is resend

  • @wdnp2 Can you please explain a bit more please. What app exactly? I cannot find one in the OpenStore.
    I have also taken the liberty to remove your first post as there is nothing there and it appears to have been an extraneous link.

  • This is a useful google app

  • @wdnp2 Can you be more specific about what you are asking ?
    The apps for UT can be found in the OpenStore.
    If you're looking for google apps this may not be the best place.

    People here want to be free from GAFAM and don't want to depend on any of their services.
    But some people might want to use them, so there is are webapps for gmail or youtube, ...

    If you are looking for something you should explain it because both messages are not understandable.
    Please right full sentences and explain what was/is and what you are looking for.

  • I think OP is saying that Google Sheets does not work well in Morph Browser.

  • @AppLee Am new to UT and Aquaris Google sheets is a spreadsheet which works on my Ubuntu machines It links to Drive Does not work on UT Clearer??

  • @wdnp2
    Google sheets is an online spreadsheet.
    Ubuntu Touch provide an internet browser "Morph Browser", if @arubislander is correct (and I think he is) you are trying to access a speadsheet with Morph and it does'nt work the way you expect ?

    I don't use google services so I never tried it.
    What is the behaviour you experience ? Morph crashes ? There is a blank page ? You cannot modify the cells ?

    In any cases Google spreadshit (oups) is developped to work with chrome, I'm not sure it's W3C compliant.
    If I'm right on the latter it will be very difficult to fix that...

    So my question is what do you want ?
    To make it possible for UT to access google spreadsheet ?
    To know if there are alternatives like FramaCalc ?
    If there is an app to adapt the UI so this kind of online app can be usable on a phone ?
    What is your use case : work, personnal, ...

    You need to be more specific if you want help.
    If you have trouble with English there are Telegram/Matrix groups for many languages. I don't have the link right now but I can find it later.

  • @AppLee said in Google sheets:

    developped to work with chrome, I'm not sure it's W3C compliant.

    Morph uses QtWebEngine which is a fork of Chromium, so this is basically irrelevant.

    Though indeed it is not clear what @wdnp2 is trying to say here. It seems there is no webapp in the store for Google Sheets (or Docs), but they should all be accessible from the Drive, Mail, or Calendar webapps (since Google has links directly to such places on those web sites).

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