Wifi not connectiong after reboot

  • After months of searching, I finally found a solution for the problem - that even I understood.
    With some commands in the terminal, the error can be corrected. Please refer to:
    Thanks to Nilendu from India

  • @emailforfor
    You may need to change permissions, before you close your fix.
    See here " www.skyneel.com " search for "nvram fix" then review the instructions for doing it manually, or you will lose the fix if you change from stable to RC or ,Devel, but OTA update ,it should keep the fix ,
    You can do it from terminal in ubports.
    It would be nice ,if there was a guide and , place to "find" it ,keep it.

  • @Marathon2422
    I had done the "repairing by copying 'WIFI' and 'WIFI-CuSTOM' into the path '/data / nvram / APCFG / APRDEB /' " on a fresh installation of "devil" (on 2019-10-20). After changing to "rc" (also 2019-10-20) the Wifi address was unchanged and Wifi was automatically connected.
    The problem seems not to be Ubports, but the basic flashing of "cooler" (for BQ_M10_HD) with "SP_Flash_Tool_v5.1824_Linux". I already tested that a few days ago.
    Flashing again UBports installer (0.2.7-beta) (at 2019-10-20 to the installation from 2019-10-19) did not change the wifi address. So I had not to repair the WIFI again. My wifi network connected automatically immediately.
    Wifi_fix will only be necessary if you switch (comming from Android or original BQ-Ubuntu via) "cooler" to Ubports.

  • @emailforfor
    glad it has worked for you , i was trying to give you an idea what to expect. to help you avoid frustrating times. i think there are a few of us that can read out our wifi password from memory.

  • @Marathon2422 @emailforfor Thanks a lot, guys, for sharing these instructions. It works for my BQ Aquaris M10 HD.

    I've posted detailed steps to fix the issue in this Github thread.

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