Telescope development thread

  • Hello,
    i'm the developer of the AsteroidOS smartwatch client Telescope that I published on the Open Store.


    In this thread I'd like to collect your feedback on the client.
    Does it run well on your device? Are there any issues?
    I am also looking forward to your suggestions which functions are wanted next.

    Hope you enjoy it 😉

    Small overview which clock works with which device

    Watch Nexus 5 Meizu MX 4 Meizu Pro 5
    bass good ok(lost connection without reason) good
    dory not possible to connect ok(lost connection without reason) good

  • First I just wanted to say thank for the interest in putting together UT and Asteroid.
    That is great news.

    I followed Asteroid development few years ago, but my LG G Watch R stopped working on Wear...
    Meanwhile I started using UT and I'm now really happy with it.

    So I think now I can maybe search for a watch to install asteroid on and try it out.
    If someone has advices on a cheap used watch, you can PM me.

    Thank you again to revive my interest in smartwatches

  • Thank you @AppLee , hopefully you can enjoy telescope.

    I have a LG G Watch Urban(bass) and it works well with my N5. With my MX4 it disconnects after every notification, but telescope reconnect after 10sec automatically .

  • I add a small overview which clock works with which device. If someone has another watch or device, I would be happy to expand the table with your info.

  • The next version 0.0.4 has landed in the open-store

    We have a bug fix in the list view of the available AsteroidOS watches.
    By pressing "find my watch" will send a notification to the watch.
    It is possible create a screenshot of the watch display and download them from the watch.

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