can't connect BQ aquaris 5 since OTA 11

  • few days after installing OTA 11, and few Updates later ( calendar, calcalendar, openstore), can't charging my phone, can't connect to desktop to.
    The phone is charging when's off.
    I was on stable version, i've try to change to Candidate but nothing change
    Please do you have an idea?

  • Looks like a hardware issue.
    Your connector may be broken and won't charge anymore.

    According to what you tell I don't think any software update is responsible.
    The app where updated for translation, so theoretically no impact.
    And OTA11 worked for few days which rule out this option imho.

    Aquaris5 is quite old and I don't know if the connectors are strong. My advice look in this direction.

  • @Vla Try a different USB cable first and try cleaning out the USB port on the device. It may just be a bit of wear in cable or port playing up.
    If it is that then all good, if that solves the connection only rerun the installer without wipe.

  • thanks for your answer!
    my problem was...dust
    the stranger thing was the phone was charging when it was off
    no problem now!

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