Volla phone (is back and) will be a new UT phone in 2020

  • @domubpkm Indeed, I couldn't find the mention of which part was sold with UT vs Volla OS.

  • @domubpkm :
    Hello, glad to see the progress.

    Broken ADB has been fixed, available with activated developer mode after reboot.

    Connection via USB is now possible to folders "Video", "Documents", "Downloads", "Pictures", "Music" and also the SD-card (in case the smartphone is up and running).

    Can´t confirm that creation of videos is possible on VollaPhone with UT without problems.
    With camera app not possible, picture is freezing. Only possible via mediaplayer to create silent films.

    Secondly, and much more critical, the registration of the SIM gets lost during boot. So no calls can be placed or received or at least not in a reliable manner.

    OS-Version: 2020-08-31


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  • Volla phone has reached 200 backers.

  • @domubpkm Great 😊! 117 sold Vollaphones today.

  • @domubpkm Hopefully we can add some day a 0 for 2000 units

  • @makeixo Personally, I supported the two projects, the Volla phone and the Pinephone. I believe in these two medium-term projects, each with their own specificity.

  • Excerpts from Update 13 on the Volla phone. 😊

    For the full article, see https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/volla-phone-free-your-mind-protect-your-privacy/#/updates/all

    Ubuntu Touch

    Over the past month we have made great progress in terms of stability. Updates of the operating system are now available via the developer and soon via the release OTA channel. For example, a bug in the memory management was fixed and the power management was improved. Many more details were implemented by the Volla team with volunteer beta testers and developers. New is also the possibility to exchange files with a connected PC or Mac.

    We are currently working on remaining development topics for a release candidate, including
    Extension of the camera function to include zooming.

    • Switching from photo to video camera without freezing. The problem, occurs when the aspect ratio of the image sections is different.
    • Support of telephony with a Bluetooth headset.
    • On the platform for open source software Github you can see the progress and open topics.

    Sailfish OS

    In parallel there is also progress of the Sailfish OS Community Port. From the community we have the statement that it has already become a daily companion on the Volla phone. At the moment we are preparing to make Sailfish OS available via the Ubports installer for the Volla Phone for later installation. We say thank you to Adam Pigg and all further contributors.

    Dual Boot

    Last but not least the community project is progressing, with which the Volla Phone can start a second operating system via SD card, ideal for trying out another operating system or strictly separating data for work and occupation.

    The solution allows to install the dual boot loader via app, format an SD card and install Ubuntu Touch. The developer is currently testing the installation of Sailfish OS. We say thank you to the developer Luka and further contributors like „nift4".


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  • The first VollaPhones are starting to arrive among lambda users with the first testimonials such as:

    "I got my Volla Phone with UT yesterday. I am very pleasantly surprised. Great! Now I still have to try the Anobx. If that runs stable, then everything is perfect from my point of view."

    "The camera seems to confirm my hopes for better pictures than on a Sony XA2 Plus with Sailfish."

  • @libremax When i receive it, after testing UT, i can't wait to also test the Volla OS to see what it does best that UT does not currently allow me to do for my daily use..

    I forgot to ask during the last Q and A if the UBports Team had tested the Volla Os and what they thought about it.