support for sony xperia x and oneplus 3t

  • according to the podcast linux headlines episode for 2019 Nov 5 (jupiter broad casting) (minute 1:20) ubports is starting to build 64 bit images for ARM hardware and has released images for sony xperia x and oneplus 3t but the instal process for these is more complicated than usual. thank you ubports! this is so cool.

  • @nobhobbor
    I think the developing of images for ARM hardware is particularly exciting!

  • I have thought they are already in the Ubports Installer.

  • @nobhobbor they are in the ubports installer, so it should be just as easy or hard to install on the OP3 as the OP1.

    Though after the install, it is harder to use with the fact that there aren't to many arm64 apps available, there's no openstore, hopefully we'll get it in the not to distant future, but that's not got anything to do with installing the OS, but installing applications on the OS.

    I'm assuming that's the miscommunication, however if I'm wrong then please correct me!

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