Best way to support app development? (other than writing code)

  • Other than actually writing code, what would ya'll say the best way to support the Ubuntu Touch app ecosystem currently is?

  • Recruiting other devs would come to mind in addition to the link, like if you know programmers who might be interested in contributing, tell them about the project(s)

  • Hi @supaiku! Your question is pretty broad, but lets try... Other ways of contributing to apps than writing code:

    • reading code 😛 - some tasks like creating developer documentation, only needs you to read and understand the code
    • helping with design
      • creating art work like app icons
      • making mock ups for new apps
    • taking administrative burdens from developers by managing issues for example (being the maintainer of an app you know very well is possible without knowing how to code)
    • help testing of course by
      • joing the ubports qa and test telegram group
      • or: more structured tests were nice in some cases, but someone would need to create that (infra)structure, either by creating and managing test tables, which are filled by testers or by setting up more advanced test managing systems (i.e. see
    • translating apps
    • maybe you find enough app devs around you to host a hackathon

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