• Currently my OnePlus One has nothing on it excepting custom recovery(TWRP). If I had an image for Ubuntu Touch for the OnePlus One, could I just transfer it from the laptop to the opo, without using the Ubuntu Installer, and then just flash it like I would for Android custom ROMs?

  • @14v3nd3r
    I don't know the reason why, but I do know that UT requires it's own recovery, provided by UBports to work.

  • @14v3nd3r I have never tried it but have you tried the installer as you are. It uses fastboot to install Ubports recovery and adb to push the files. Also you could flash Lineage then Ubuntu Touch.

  • @Lakotaubp I was running lineage and somehow during the process if trial and error with the UT installer I magically have no operating system now lol. I am not sure what I did. I may have accidentally wiped everything in TWRP and just not realized.

  • @Giiba that is what I figured. It makes sense, it must be due to differences in aosp and Linux. Oh well. I am almost certain it is an issue with adb not being installed in the right place if I am understanding some of the videos I have been trying to watch. The only problem is most of the videos are old and things have changed a bit in the whole process it seems.

  • @14v3nd3r

    Don't worry, you are far from the only person having troubles with setting up abd. Frankly I have never been on a forum where it comes up, and people don't have problems... seems the nature of the beast unfortunately.

    I am waiting on my Pinephone 😸

  • @Giiba I have been considering the Pinecone seriously due to the difficulties I am having with my OnePlus One. To be entirely honest, I am not super savvy. I bought my OPO solely to install UT in 2016. At the time I didn't have a laptop and/or PC so it was kinda moot. I did end up rooting and playing around with a lot of Android ROMs. My skills with software are kinda goofy, I have traditionally inherited laptops my siblings deem unworthy after they upgrade, which I then end up throwing on Ubuntu or other Linux Os's. I from that experience, flipping around Android ROMs was super easy for me. But I still always really, really wanted to run UT. Now I have a OnePlus 7, I really like it a lot, but since my OnePlus One is no longer my daily driver, it is stupid not to finally try UT on it. If I could only get it to work lol.

  • @14v3nd3r Sorry for asking but why do you not use the installer? It should be capable of flashing the correct recovery using flashboot and then the OS using the new recovery.

  • @wdehoog as I mentioned before, I am not being successful with the UT installer. The farthest it get us basically it downloads the version I want, then it goes through the whole sending to device phase and when it completes, nothing happens. When nothing happens, I reboot to recovery and look around for any hint of an UT file(or image) and I get nothing.

  • @14v3nd3r Is that still twrp recovery or UBports. If UBports check adb if twrp try formatting/resetting cache,system and data.

  • @14v3nd3r sorry then. Does fastboot or adb recognize your phone? I mean does it list devices?

    The installer uses its own ones which can be found in C:\Users<user>\AppData\Roaming\ubports\platform-tools.

  • TWRP is still the recovery on the phone. tWRP is the only thing on the phone as far as I can tell. I could be wrong, I am not super savvy, but looking in all the logical places I can think of, nothing else is there.

  • @wdehoog I think so. When I plug in. I am able to share from laptop to phone a mass multimedia device.

  • @wdehoog also, I am unsure what exactly fast boot actually is. It hasn't been utilized in the process at all. I have always used recovery. The one time I was prompted for fast boot, after a fivish minute delay I gave up and opened recovery, assuming that would be ok. I can't remember what step in the process that happened. I just remember holding the button configuration for a bit and the phone never tried to enter fast boot

  • @14v3nd3r In a terminal type Fastboot devices your device should be listed. Then do the same for ADB type adb devices you may get an accept this connection box on your device, accept it.
    If both are there then run the UT installer, pick your device manually. The installer will then guide you through the rest,
    If your device is not listed reinstall adb and fastboot for your system. If it's windows you need 15 sec adb and install it system wide when asked. https://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=2588979 Then test again.

  • @14v3nd3r I have an opo myself. I use the installer to reflash when I screwed up. My main problem was getting the right usb driver installed.

    I think what the installer does is first install a new recovery (the UBports one) with fastboot and then with this new recovery install UBports itself. Therefor it uses the fastboot and adb utilities it also installs (I gave you the path for windows).

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