Nexus 5 & BQ Aquaris M10 HD: unable to use camera from messengers

  • I have two devices (Nexus 5 & BQ Aquaris M10 HD) and it seems that I can't take a photo from messengers using both of them. I use TELEports 0.6.1 and FluffyChat 1.18 messengers. This is how it can be easily reproduced:

    • click button in any messenger app to take a photo — camera application will be opened;
    • try to take a photo by clicking central button — nothing happened;
    • button to switch to video mode also doesn't work but button to switch front/rear cameras works.

    If I close camera application now and start it separately from menu it can take photos and videos.

    I tried to switch to RC channel but nothing has been changed. I'm not sure whether I should report it to camera-app repository or create issues for TELEports and FluffyChat. I would be happy to provide more information.

    I'm also confused by versioning of Ubuntu Touch releases. When I switched to RC channel it has shown me that Ubuntu Touch being downloaded is of 64th version (Ubuntu 16.04 (2019-W42) in "About" after applying the update). When I switched back to stable channel the version was 9th (OTA-11 in "About"). What is the proper way to specify exact version of UT I'm using?


  • Raised an issue for camera-app.

  • @ezze Thanks for raising the issue.

    Have you checked the privacy settings ? Because on my Nexus 5 I have the same behavior but it seems the camera permissions are broken.

    Maybe something changed on OTA11, I didn't see this issue before testing your use case.
    Does someone know if there were changes regarding the camera access on the latest OTA ?

  • @AppLee, no, I didn't check privacy settings yet but other users including maintener of the app have also confirmed the issue. Probably, it has been occurred due to recent refactoring.

  • @ezze Well thank you for the information.

  • I think camera app does behave erratically when called to import photos to another app. Could be just broken.

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