• I installed Sailbook, but started seeing a load of ads when using it. So, I then installed uAdBlock, but when, in setting it up, it demanded to know my password, I cancelled and removed it. What is the deal with that? Is it normal for an app that filters ads to demand to know a user's password?

  • @MarkG_108
    It needs your permission to access R/W .
    It is normal setup for this , some other apps do this also like UT-Tweak tool

  • I find with sailbook ,i start it and get a blank page ,I hit the refresh at the bottom of the page then ,ok from there, I don't get much in the way of adverts

  • @MarkG_108 Hi,
    It's common for apps dealing with the system to ask for your password.
    Yes this is not the usual behavior for apps, hence the confinement.
    But there are also apps that allows you to tweak your system and you have to trust them enough to grant them your sesame...

    That's what is great with UT, you have the power to trust an app or to ban it, nothing is hidden.

  • There are so many lists - which blocklist-combination is recommended? 😕

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