Which OTA do I have

  • Hello,

    I flashed my BQ E4.5 UT device to UBPorts on June 16-th using system-image server. I am unable to check whether I have OTA-1 included. When I try to search for updates, I see no updates available. when looking into OS Build details I see OS Build r1, Ubuntu build: Ubuntu 15.04 - armhf (20170610).

    Is it with OTA-1 included? How culd I detect installed OTA version in the future?



  • You have OTA-1 (marked R1 in the About screen) already, and you will receive OTA updates on the Stable channel as they are released. Now, sit back and enjoy your phone! 😃

  • Thank you very much for your answer. So the number after the letter 'r' is the number of OTA generally?


  • Yes, that's how the updates roll out.

  • Great, it is clear now. Thanks once again.


  • @UniSuperBox that cleared something up for me too, thanks for the reply.

  • I flashed one of my BQ E4.5 on July 15 to UBports. It says now as version 15.04 (r1). I was highly impressed about how easy this was, despite of a small problem caused by the outdated Ubuntu I used to run the MDTools, I interpret 'r1' as OTA-1 of UBports. How future OTA will be announced and what is more or less the schedule for OTA-2?

    Thanks to all of you for your good work moving UT from Canonical to UBports.


  • @guru, I also have a BQ 4.5 and I'm grateful to UBports community for giving our devices some more time to live, but I don't expect too much development for 15.04 because is a dead end.

    Almost all development focus is on Halium and 16.04

    In the last Q&A [0] they said:

    Q: Why isn't 15.04 OTA-2 out yet?
    A: We're focusing on Xenial and Halium. We'll see if we can get some more developers working on 15.04 again, but for now the project is heavily based on what developers want to do.
    We may [1] also set up a regular release schedule for 15.04, but we want to focus more on a new, supported base.

    [0] https://ubports.com/blog/ubports-blog-1/post/ubports-community-update-and-q-a-49
    [1] Emphasis mine

  • Thanks for the information, advocatus. From now, I will follow more closely the schedule of the Q&A meetings to be on track.

    Does the project UBports has a clear picture about how many of each of the supported devices run UBports at the moment and what is the prognostic for the future. This should influence such decisions about focus on whatever device/platform, IMHO.

  • @guru, here you have the current stats https://stats.ubports.com/

    Also check this out https://devices.ubports.com/#/

  • @grepo

    I thought I'd installed UBPorts using the magic-device-tool method - but if I see OS build number: OTA-15, does that mean it didn't work?

    I'm also using a BQ E4.5

    EDIT: I used the system-image server method and it has now installed correctly. The magic-device-tool doesn't seem to work properly?

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