native Threema client?

  • I know there are a lot germans/europeans around who might be interested in that.

    I just step on a open source project for a threema desktop client. Would it be possible to create a native UT app for that as well?

    That would acutally be an app I would pay/donate 10 € for.

  • @makeixo Very interesting. Had a quick look at their FAQ and the code. To sum it up:

    • threema knows of openmittsu and tolerates it (for now, as long as its not abused - whatever that means)
    • you cannot sign up with openmittsu, therefor you'd still need to buy the official app and use it once for signing up, but afterwards you don't need to have it running any longer (so its unlike Threema Web). I guess being able to signup with openmittsu and therefor being able to use the service without paying would be an abuse for example.
    • Its written in C++ using Qt, so its probably quite easy to bring it to UT as it is. But as the UI is most likely not performing very well on small screens, we needed to recreate the frontend in QML to be convergent while reusing the backend.

    Looks quite promising IMHO. 👍

  • I am glad to hear that. It also may be an indicator that threema is willing to tolerate a trust-worthy project on other plattforms than iOS and Andoid.

  • I recently had a look at the FluffyChat codebase (for a different project, I am not personally interested in Threema) and it might be possible to abstract it to allow different chat backends.

    Maybe something @Krille could comment on?

  • Any chance/ideas to get notifications?

  • @poVoq I've tried to make the GUI independent from the rest. So I think a lot of UI components can be reused for this. From a UX perspective you should note that the message bubbles are an own creation and there are system bubbles which you can see in the telegram app and the messages app which would fit more in a new messaging app but the other parts could be useful for this.

  • @stefwe I guess only with a background service like in the signal app until the Threema developers are going to support Ubuntu Touch by themself.

  • @Krille for the beginning this sounds good enough for me

  • @stefwe okay, Signal isn't using a background service. Dekko does. But backgroundservices are always problematic because they could grill your battery 😕

  • I've built an openMittsu click package, just as it is. But the widget based gui, it has now, is unusable on touchscreens. Maybe it works with mouse and keyboard attached... Now its time to knit a mobile friendly/convergent gui (I.e. fluffychats gui) on to it.

  • @hummlbach nice! If you need someone to test it later. I would give it a try. ☺

  • It works! 😅


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