Xmpp comandline profanity

  • hi, is it posible to run profanity in the UT Terminal? I tryed it with libertine container but did not work.

  • It is possible. Try the following:

    phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ libertine-container-manager install-package -p profanity

    That will install it. Then run it with the following command:

    phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ libertine-launch -i xenial profanity

    To make it easier to launch, I suggest creating a file called .bash_aliases in your home directory with the following entry: alias profanity='libertine-launch -i xenial profanity' (see this link here for further details). The
    .bash_aliases file will allow you to open it in your terminal by simply typing "profanity". You can use Nano in the terminal to create this file:

    phablet@ubuntu-phablet:~$ nano .bash_aliases

    And then in Nano, enter what I suggested, that being:

    alias profanity='libertine-launch -i xenial profanity'

    Then to close Nano, hit the menu option on the lower left corner of the terminal, choose "Nano", and choose the Ctrl-X option. Save the file. Then log out of Ubuntu Touch, log back in, and you'll be able to start profanity in the terminal with the simple command profanity.

  • @MarkG_108 thank you verry much I will try.

  • @Pingu it works - cool !

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