Transfering photos to PC

  • Hi all,
    I'm trying to find the best (easiest) way to transfer photos from Ubuntu Touch to a PC. My preferred method would be to use a USB cable, but perhaps this is not possible/practical so I am open to other suggestions. I would like to avoid cloud based methods, direct connection would be best.
    I'm running Ubuntu Touch on Nexus 5, and my PC is running Linux (MX linux).
    When I connect the phone to the PC using USB cable, I can see the phone listed in the file manager, but when I try to access it is shows empty directory. No prompt to enter password or anything, what am I missing?
    Any suggestions will be much appreciated 🙂

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  • I use ssh so, with ssh access enabled on the phone, I access the phone in the file manager through fish://phablet@[ip of the phone]

  • Hi @PvtRob

    I have a Nexus 5 - I just plug a USB cable in... and it works a treat.

    I unlock the phone, and a window comes up on my laptop with the Nexus 5 icon.
    I click on that, and there's a folder for pictures.
    The ones I've taken on my phone are in another folder there called

  • @PvtRob have you unlocked your phone ?. Pictured does appear only after logged in on the phone

  • Yeah, The phone is unlocked, the file manager is showing Nexus 5 in devices area, and "/ on [USB;002.014]" in the network area.
    When I try to click on either of the two the file manager on PC locks-up and I have to kill the process...
    I have checked IP on the phone and there is only loopback address present, so I guess I have to figure out how to configure the phone... any suggestions?

  • @PvtRob Is developer mode on in system settings? Also try a different usb cable and port. If you install UT Tweak Tool you can go to system in the menu and check ADB settings and see if MTP is on.
    The only other issue I get if using Ubuntu rather than Mint is that sometimes I need to install all updates for the connection to work.

  • I sync the pictures (fotos or screenshots) to my FreeBSD laptop with:

    $ cd /home/guru/UbuntuPhone/rsyncedFromBQ
    $ rsync -rav phablet@ .

    This is done by SSH over Wifi (works as well over USB tethering).