Ubuntu Touch on LG G6 (h870 model): call for testers

  • @enrolado I found this post where they said that you need to visit a support center. But I suppose the main issue might be Sprint firmware. Now, I don't know which hardware differences yours might have versus h870, they are probably firmware based.
    Try to unlock it officially by requesting unlock.bin, then let's see what we can do

  • Hello! When i first started to hear about Ubuntu on Lg g6, I imedietly jumped to my mom's phone to try it out. I'm just a begginner and know absolutely nothing about how to install this OS. Can somebody help me?
    I already unlocked my phone, and managed to install twrp (idk if I did it okay). My phone model is h870, EU version. I'd want to experience the Ubuntu OS at the earliest possible moment. Thanks!

  • @T0p0r
    Is your mum ok for you wiping her phone out? 🤔

  • @Keneda yes, because I would trade with my phone (which is much better). But you didn't answered my question.

  • @T0p0r Sorry i have a MX4 so can't tell...
    What i can tell is if you want to use uTouch as a daily phone OS, you should choose a full supported device.

  • @vadikas I am dealing with the same situation and the patch did not resolve the issue. Have you succeeded in solving this?

  • @Guf said in Ubuntu Touch on LG G6 (h870 model): call for testers:

    @makeixo @walidham Fixed! I applied the patch for bullhead which suggested the same: to disable CONFIG_ANDROID_PARANOID and to enable SECURITY_ANDROID_GID_CAPABILITIES, but I hadn't done it well. With the help of @tanevanwifferen (who suggested what was wrong), we fixed it ... so let's go for other issues, now

    Could you be more specific, please? I am porting the LG G4 and the patch did not resolve the issue. But then my port is also based on a different kernel version (the 3.10). Don't know how relevant the fix is for my version?


  • Now I also managed to install this port on my European LG G6.
    UBports looks great on this device and makes a good impression.
    There are a few things I'm currently not sure if I made a mistake during the installation or if it's just the unfinished port.
    Programs always seem to start in window mode or the interface in general is not adapted to the display size.
    Do I have an error in the installation or is it just the optimization missing?
    Otherwise very good work, I hope this port will be further developed.
    I would be very happy to have a full UBPorts on the LG G6.

  • Sorry for the double post, I found out that the problems are probably caused by the port and not by my installation.
    I would like to know if they are currently working on this port and how I could support the developers? @Guf or @tanevanwifferen
    Are there any tests that can be done or how can the development be driven forward?

  • @Invy You need to disable desktop_mode and/or to install UT-Tweak and revise scaling

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