nexus 5 flash to ubports

  • Hi, I now have a Nexus 5 I want to flash to ubports UT using the magic device tool as I've used before on the bq phone and tablet.
    Problem is the magic device tool says the device is locked and when it says bye bye the phone reboots into android even though the fastboot menu says device name hammerhead etc. last two lines of menu say secureboot enabled and lock state locked.
    how do I unlock the phone as i guess this is the issue.
    i know I've seen this some where but cant find it now. Any help as to where it is please. I've not flashed an android device before, only BQs already running UT.

  • You have to put the phone in fastboot mode, and having it connected through usb issue:
    fastboot oem unlock

  • @wgarcia Thanks for that all done. now have ubports image on start up screen. Also just found the unlock bootloader command in the magic device tool menu. Knew I'd seen it somewhere 😉

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