Ubuntu Touch Q&A 69 This Saturday 8th Of February At 19:00 UTC

  • Ubuntu Touch Q&A 69 is this Saturday the 8th of February at 19:00 UTC. Please come along and join us for Ubuntu Touch development, updates and answers to your questions! Post them here before the event and Youtube Livechat https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cbfFQnFXvak and Telegram during the live show.

    Please remember that questions on porting to device **** or it's status, and questions on bugs will not be answered

  • @PINE64 mentions in a video posted on YouTube that, after a recent update to Unity 8, Ubuntu Touch on the PinePhone performs even better.

    I'm curious: what update(s) yielded the improved performance mentioned in the video?

  • Tell us all about Fosdem.

  • Tell us about OTA 12 🙂

  • How big a job is it to convert existing apps to run on 64bit architecture?

  • What does this mean for UBports? Packaging of Unity8 Desktop for Debian

  • What does this mean for UBports? Qt offering changes 2020

  • Would it be possible to incorporate a Swype style keyboard action or hand writing recognition into Ubuntu Touch?

  • We will additionally have some people from KDE available for chatting, if anyone has questions about the sprint, Plasma Mobile, or our combined efforts!

  • When will you upgrade your Qt?

  • Elementary OS just announced plans to enhance their quite successful Pay-what-you-want app store platform "AppCenter" and extend its reach into other platforms. From what I understand, this includes a new payment wallet system that other platforms can take advantage to increase funding streams. I was wondering whether this is something Ubports and the OpenStore could benefit from as well, as simplified donation/purchase system could increase the income of developers.

  • UT Q&A for Nerds?

    I have the feeling that often in the Q&A you guys find yourself between the two chairs of

    • making a "user" ready statement, e.g., how is the next ota going to have a more responsive ui for use case x, y and z, but caveat somethingoranother and also people need to contain their expectations because corner case thisorthat and then hold a phone into the camera and swipe around with your finger, and
    • make a "developer" ready statement, e.g., how it would be really helpful if pinephone testers could create opengl api traces for mesa bugs because that could make lima developers much more efficient when working on mali driver improvements, and then screen share a terminal window, typing away awkward commands and giving a 1 minute crash course for developers

    Both kinds of statements are really valuable, but they don't mesh well. You are doing a good job surfing between them, but maybe some tweak to the format could help.

    For example, every other Q&A is more nerd heavy, while the other is strictly user oriented. I think a clearer split could allow more focus for both kinds of messages and thus be clearer and more enjoyable for non-developers and deeper into the weeds and more enabling for developers.

    Or maybe, every other Q&A has a nerdy second half.

    Food for thought.

  • @UniSuperBox said in Ubuntu Touch Q&A 69 This Saturday 8th Of February At 19:00 UTC:

    We will additionally have some people from KDE available for chatting, if anyone has questions about the sprint, Plasma Mobile, or our combined efforts!

    Nice! Looking forward to hearing from the sprint! How awesome did you guys make everything already?

  • @doniks yes i agree, the QA could be split in two parts, so that end users don't get frustrated when talking low level things and developpers expect more stuffs on technical

  • Congratulations for all the work on the Pinephone and other Arm64 devices. One consequence of this is UT becoming more stable and useable on the Raspberry Pi. My question is: Where (website, group,book etc.) can I go to learn more so that when community members with good UT developer skills and knowledge come up with suggestions on how we might solve issues I have a better chance of knowing what they are talking about and how to start? Some things are making way more sense to me now than they did a year ago but I'd like to travel further down the linux user to developer road so my contributions are more helpful to the community.

  • @Mark Thanks to the Q&A for kindly complimenting my contribution. I try my best to learn and share. From a distance it is hard to know how helpful that is. I'll keep on learning, sharing and appreciating the support I get from the community.
    PS I need to make my questions shorter and clearer 🙂

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