Call for testing: Nexus 5 (hammerhead) owners

  • Hello, for switching our Nexus 5 core device to Halium 7.1 I will need alpha testers. As this device was already well supported I do not expect that we have really heavy bugs, but we shall see.

    Until I am back with detailed installation instructions please just bookmark this thread if you are interested, or reply below.


    • Actors: Manual brightness
    • Actors: Notification LED
    • Actors: Torchlight
    • Actors: Vibration
    • Cellular: Carrier info, signal strength
    • Cellular: Data connection
    • Cellular: Incoming, outgoing calls
    • Cellular: MMS in, out
    • Cellular: PIN unlock
    • Cellular: SMS in, out
    • GPU: Boot into UI
    • Misc: Battery percentage
    • Misc: Offline charging
    • Misc: Online charging
    • Misc: Recovery image (taken from old port)
    • Misc: Shutdown / Reboot
    • Network: Bluetooth
    • Network: WiFi
    • Sensors: Automatic brightness
    • Sensors: GPS
    • Sensors: Proximity
    • Sensors: Rotation
    • Sensors: Touchscreen
    • Sound: Earphones
    • Sound: Loudspeaker
    • Sound: Volume control
    • USB: RNDIS access

    Working with manual steps

    • Cellular: Voice in calls (Volume control missing)
    • Sound: Microphone (Volume control too low)

    Not working

    • Camera: Flashlight
    • Camera: Photo
    • Camera: Video
    • Cellular: Change audio routings
    • GPU: Video acceleration
    • Misc: Reset to factory defaults
    • Network: Flight mode
    • Network: Hotspot
    • USB: MTP access
    • USB: MHL/SlimPort

  • @Flohack i will help out as soon as I remember to charge and flash the build onto my N5

  • I'll have an N5 available as soon as I replace its power switch... very interested to try it!

  • @Flohack I have a beloved N5. Would be happy to help test!

  • For further clarification: This post will only be used for alphatesting, once finished it will move to here: - and there is also the link to the manifest if you want to try on your own

  • Hi, I would like to help test! How can I be effective with this? Is it simply test some functions and report back, or does it go more in depth? I'm pretty skilled with technology, but I'm not a practiced programmer. I can do troubleshooting just fine, but I will likely need guidance if I need to dig into the hows and whys.

  • @Manchee1017 Yeah basically the idea is to verify the list of things I posted. So I think feature x is working, but I need other people to confirm, and also to find maybe things I forgot.
    I do not have an installable image yet, will try to fix that today eve.

  • @Flohack said in Call for testing: Nexus 5 (hammerhead) owners:

    @Manchee1017 Yeah basically the idea is to verify the list of things I posted. So I think feature x is working, but I need other people to confirm, and also to find maybe things I forgot.
    I do not have an installable image yet, will try to fix that today eve.

    I am happy to do anything to help support this phone which is the most common phone to introduce new users to UBports as it's so easily available and easy to repair.
    I should be able to test out the new image, I have a spare Nexus 5 laying around to play with.

  • Hi @Flohack, I have repaired one of my N5 that I dropped on the floor with the screen facing down... and I would like to join this project too.

  • Ok I will be ready in a few days, unfortunately was a bit held up with other things. I let you all know

  • @Flohack Camera blitz it's working, bluetooth it's working, GPS it's working, but a bit lazy depending on app (Pure Maps it's laggy), it takes aprox. 1 min when outside to find the location. Hotspot works when he wants.
    A solution to freezing camera is: when in photo mode, change to video, than probably it freeze. In these case: switch from main big camera to small selfie camera and back again. It works in my case.
    Video playing: you can forgett it!
    WiFi it's working, but does not connect automaticly to a saved network, usualy needs restart.

  • @Flohack Camera it's filming in video mode. Android and iOs have confirmed. It's the Media player that is having issues.

  • @C0n57an71n How can you test my port, did you build it from my sources? I did not publish any images now ^^

  • I finished Bluetooth today by the way 🙂

  • @Flohack I don't know what you talking about! On which of the issues are you reffering?

  • @Flohack I'm talking about OTA-11, as it was until today :)))

  • @C0n57an71n Sorry to say but this thread is about the new N5 port based on Halium 7.1 and has nothing in common with the existing one - well the kernel is roughly the same ^^ so all what you said could be different for this port.

    See my checklist on the beginning, those items are of course mostly working on the existing port, which is based on Android 5.1, but we want to step it up now 😉

  • @Flohack said in Call for testing: Nexus 5 (hammerhead) owners:

    USB: MHL/SlimPort

    There is no MHL on Nexus 5. Also, I don't see ADB listed for the USB features, though I presume it is working since you've been debugging things. 😉

  • @dobey I am confused with all that USB extensions. I remove MHL again^^
    For ADB: Thats a Halium port, they come without adb and use RNDIS/ssh instead. So thats kinda expected. @fredldotme made a point though that some Halium devices might have issues with RNDIS, so we might have to support both.
    BUt as I understood the plan was to deprecate adb fully.

  • I have an N5 with Ubports OTA11 RC, how can I test it?

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